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Thanks to all who have entered in the Zara Jane Photography competition. Last night The Accountant very seriously sat down and read through the entries that I had dutifully blacked out all the names with my sharpie. He was very systematic about it and very thorough. I knew he would be an excellent judge. I was very relieved that I did not have to choose, there were so many brilliant response, and I just wanted to give it to everyone!

Anyway, after re-evaluating the entrants this morning, including the new overnight ones, we have a winner!

Samantha Harman
Samantha, give Zara Jane a phone call on 0401 948 860 to book your fabulous sitting. 

Now – put your hand up if you are a wee bit jealous? Well guess what? Zara has a special offer for Caitlin’s Happy Heart blog readers! So here’s a great opportunity to get some happy snaps of your own!

So here’s the deal:

Half Hour Mini Shoot
5 Photos on a disc

Seriously, how awesome is that? It won’t take too much of your time, and it certainly won’t break the bank yet the images of that half an hour will remain with your family throughout the years.

The conditions are simple to get this great deal. Book the mini-shoot before August 31. You can schedule your appointment anytime from today up until February 28, 2013. This is a great Christmas idea. Get in early and get your pictures taken, and you’ll be nice and organised to have them printed, framed and wrapped ready for Christmas. Or, Zara has appointment space available still in August, so you could get the disc back in time for a fabulous Father’s Day gift.

Of course, if you want more than five photos, you can always choose the same photography session as the giveaway – 1 hour Family Shoot, 20 photos on a disc – $150. Really, Zara Jane offers great value. If you were to pop into one of the shopping centre photography studios and get a price on their packages, you really would realise what a bargain this is. Plus, if you are photographed by Zara, you will have absolutely unique photos.

Oh, and if you aren’t from Toowoomba, but live somewhere nearby in South East Queensland, Zara is happy to come to you, she will just charge the travel costs in addition to the package cost. If you get a group of you together, this could become very affordable. It’s certainly worthwhile talking to your friends and discussing a day where you could gather all your families together in a park, the kids could have a play while each group has their session. Sounds kind of delightful, doesn’t it?

Thanks once again for
your enthusiasm with this competition. Hopefully we can continue to build some momentum so we can continue to have some giveaways regularly. In the meantime, the Mini You giveaway is running so click here to enter.

Anyway, I really hope you take advantage of this great offer if you are a local. Contact 

Zara Jane Photography 
Phone: 0401 948 860

Feel free email me your favourite photo. I would LOVE to see it! ( Oh, and I still haven’t decided which photo to put on my wall. It will be dependant on frame sizes etc. But it seems that the picture of The Accountant and I, Mummy and Trentstar and The Five Kids were the favourites. When my wall is finally done, I’ll be sure to share with you.

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