Wordless Wednesday

I thought I might participate in some Wordless Wednesdays throughout this year. It’s an extra way to movivate me to write blog posts which should be fairly easy, especially since the word count is minimal!

So without further ado, here are some snapshots of what we have done so far this year.

We started the year in Bargara. I took three of the boys for a walk one morning. It’s so nice to walk beside the sea.

We came home from Bundy a day early so we could celebrate my beautiful friend Melanie’s birthday. (She’s the amazing girl in the middle. The stunning South African on the left is also another treasured friend.)
The night we celebrated Mel’s birthday was also Isaac and her 10th Wedding Anniversary. The evening went up a notch and a bang with fireworks around and above the function room at the breathtaking Gabbinbar Homestead

Meanwhile back at home all the new Christmas toys are being fully enjoyed. We have been having family Lego/Duplo making sessions.

Globes from Poppy are a hit, and brings a pang of joy to my educational sensibilities.

The triplet’s favourite playthings have been all things related to Peppa Pig.

Immy is particularly fond – and very possessive of her pig house. She will put Peppa and George to bed a hundred times a day. They are also taken to the toilet and bathed a lot also.

Finally, after we have been living at this house for over half a year, Daddy rebuilt the sand pit. Big favourite. It keeps them gainfully occupied for nice long stretches of time. That would be a win for all of us.

The triplets had their first swimming lesson last week. The boys did very well. Imogen bawled the entire time in between desperate protests, “Don’t like it.” “Can’t do it.” “Immy OUT”.

(Alex’s head chopped off thanks to Jonty Cam.)

Are your children enjoying playing with their Christmas presents? What are their favourites?

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  1. I might have to stop reading your blog for a while, or I’ll cry too much! :’) I’m so glad Peppa Pig + pals are a hit – and to see that Lego is being built! Are there 5 globes, or just 2 to share? And yay for the sandpit! What a productive few weeks! <3

  2. Great photos, it’s so nice and green there! I miss Summer so much!
    My girls have found their Christmas faves and sadly, already forgot about the ones they don’t love as much. Typical, right? Should have just given them cardboard boxes and crayons!! lol
    Have a great rest of the week!!

  3. Yes, the forgottens are disappointing for us parents, aren’t they? I’m finding bringing them out specifically is helping – a little. But you can’t control people’s preferences at the end of the day, right?

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