Wordless Wednesday – Trampoline Jumping

I love our trampoline. So do the kids. It has been such a good investment. It allows the children to burn off excess energy the healthy way. It’s not uncommon at the moment for all five kids to be jumping on the trampoline together, which is just beautiful to see them all interacting and playing with one another. OK, so they don’t do it perfectly, and there’s normally some crying from someone, but this is a learning opportunity also. Siblings force each other to develop patience, kindness, respect, self control, long suffering and the list goes on…

The other day Trent was being delightful on the trampoline learning some new moves. He was so proud of them, unashamedly so. “Oh wow, did you see that? Did you get a photo?” “Oh man, that was AWEsome.” Huge giggles. “Oh man, I’m getting so GOOD!” There’s no need for humility when you are five and jump on the trampoline like a boss.

Child Jumping on a Trampoline


Happiness on Trampoline Clever boy on trampoline Flips on a Trampoline Jumping on a Trampoline is childhood

Before long Trent was no longer alone. He was joined by his younger brother who has a love of nudity.

Do you get good value out of a trampoline? Have you ever replaced the netting and cushion covers? Where did you source it? (Needing help here people – and SOON! My heart has been palpitating)

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  1. What a little cutie Trent is and it’s lovely that he and his siblings have a trampoline to use up their energy on and have so much fun! The design of them these days is so much safer than the old type from back in my day! 🙂

  2. Awww gorgeous!!
    We have a big round one with net. Haven’t had to replace anything yet (touch wood) but we do taking the netting off every winter so that it doesn’t get trashed by the Canberra frosts etc. Kids rarely out there in the winter months. In summer it is protected by the tree so it doesn’t get attacked by the sun.
    Leanne @ Deep Fried Fruit

  3. You’re right, it is such a great way for them to spend their energy! My boys have recently tried the trampoline at a party. They enjoyed it so much that they asked for one. Haha!

  4. Ours gets a good workout too. We’ve had to duct tape parts of the net up, some of the parts have gone brittle in the sun. Some of the kids stunts have my heart in my mouth at times!

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