"When I am a man…"

One thing I love about my J Boy is that he’s a forward thinker. Have a listen to what he was telling me on the way to swimming lessons this week.

“Mummy, when I’m a man, I’ll be all grown up, so I won’t want to live in your house anymore. I’ll get my own man house. But by then I’m going to have a lot of things in my room that I will have to move to my man house, so I’m going to need a trailer. I will need to do lots of loads in my trailer to get all the things out of my room. But when I’m a man I want to buy a jet-ski and I won’t have money to buy a trailer. I don’t know how I’m going to move all my things.”

At least he’s got another 15 years or so to come up with a solution.

Although he’s already on the way to solving his problem. He’s been having a serious chat with The Baby about the benefits of buying a trailer when The Baby is a man.

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  1. Tell him to use Santa’s sleigh when he hijacks that – I hear it’s great for moving stuff to man houses!

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