Week 34 – Triplet Pregnancy Journal

Week 34
The week started with a phone call from Dr. Mac’s receptionist. He had to perform an emergency Caesar so she wanted to know if I could come in immediately to replace my appointment that was scheduled later in the afternoon. Dr. G. Has gone on holidays for 3 weeks, so Dr. Mac was to look after me in the meantime. I knew he is a very competent doctor, (He’s been my sister’s dr and many friends go to him and equally adore him), and I really liked him, but I was wanting to hang out for 36 weeks when my own doctor was back. There is a certain security of having your own doctor.
So, after receiving the call, I scurried into the doctor’s office. Mum drove me because I’m just not feeling comfortable driving now, even though I do for short trips, because I can still fit behind the wheel. (Hooray I didn’t think I’d be able to!)
I left the appointment feeling nervous.  The doctor had initially felt my stomach and had declared that my uterus had pretty well reached capacity and I could be quite close to going into labour. Once I was talking to him and told him that my 2nd child had been delivered in around 2 hours after the first contraction, you could almost hear his doctor alarms going off. He made me go back and did another examination and found I was 3cm dilated and had bulging membranes. He thought the labour would not be far away.
I had to go and get a blood test, and then went home. I stopped on the way home at a local gift store and bought some presents for The Accountant’s cousin, who has also just had a baby and for a party J Boy was going to on the weekend. When I got home, I started getting things organised, because despite my still wishful thinking to go further, I also kind of knew in the back of my mind that my time was running short.
I wrote a blog, got the presents ready, and wrapped another Christmas present. (In an effort to be organised, I had already bought most Christmas and birthday presents for the rest of the year before I was 20 weeks. I’ve gradually been wrapping them to save myself a job once the triplets come home. I then had a long sleep. When I woke up I had light contractions happening, so I lay in bed hoping that like other times they would disappear. When The Accountant and the boys came home, I didn’t get up and greet them like I normally do, but stayed in bed, still not feeling well. I got up to have dinner with the family, but really couldn’t sit for very long. Once again, I had a feeling that the time was drawing near, so I got things organised for J Boy’s Kindy day the next day, but quickly got tired, so went and sat down. By then I had to acknowledge that the contractions, although not terribly painful, were gaining in strength and getting more consistent. I told The Accountant that I thought we should go into the hospital and get checked out. We both showered, I finished packing my hospital bag and called Mum to look after the boys.
We went into the hospital where the midwives monitored my contractions. The triplets were moving a lot and contractions were definitely happening. The doctor was contacted and I had to have another examination, which found I was still 3cm dilated. With this news they decided that although labour could progress further at any moment, or I may continue to hang on for hours, or even days. The Accountant went home to bed, remaining on high alert, and I stayed in hospital.
The next day was going to be action packed and very memorable.
A 34 week photo before The Accountant went to work.

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  1. I hope you are doing well! I have been thinking about you and praying for your sweet family and new little triplets. I am sure you are busy and adjusting to life with triplets, I couldn’t even imagine. I have mush admiration for you moms of triplets! Twins is enough for me!

  2. Hi from Toronto, Canada. Just wanted to check in and say I hope all is well – I keep coming back hoping for a pic but can’t imagine how busy you are.

  3. I’ve been thinking back a year over the last few days. So much prayer for the unknown. My big worry at the time was if you had to be taken to Brissy! Did you know I had searched for a unit ‘just in case’ and so the boys would be close. We have been so blessed by the triplets ‘health’ and they have brought so much happiness to our family.

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