Week 33 – Triplet Pregnancy Journal

I know this is going backwards a little (all the way to last week!), but I haven’t had time to write anything more yet. Hopefully will do soon. I wrote this the morning before I went into labour, I was going to proofread it and post, but didn’t really get around to it! Anyway, it’s the final chapter of the pregnancy before they started coming. Stay tuned for more details!

Week 33

Slow start to this week. All pretty uneventful, which was good. I was very happy to get to Monday. Having the boys around from Friday-Saturday is very tiring, even with Mrs. S’s help on Friday and Daddy doing most of the boy’s entertaining over the weekend. (Daddy has been great though, I stay in bed most of the weekend and the kids just interrupt occassionally.)  It hasn’t helped that this time Toddler T has been unwell. I always enjoy Monday when the kids disappear with my mother and sister and I have a good quiet rest!
J Boy and The Accountant went to the shops during the day on Saturday and camping in the backyard of a friends house on Saturday night. I was just getting to exhausted trying to keep up with Toddler T. In the end I had to get Mum over to help. It seems I can’t be left to supervise my own children anymore! The almost two year old tantrums, exasperated by snotty nose, glassy eyes and temperatures didn’t help. J Boy’s behaviour hasn’t been up to scratch either. J Boy is quite resistant to change. I think he feels it in the air. We’re doing everything we can to feel secure and confident about the changes that are about to occur.
I didn’t stay at home all day Monday. I had been horrified to see my regrowth in recent photos, so went to the hairdresser to have that attended to, since I’m sure that it will not get any easier once the triplets are here. I’m glad I didn’t leave it any longer. Sitting in the chair for that length of time, (I even moved over to the lounge chair in the waiting area for awhile) was my absolute capacity!
During the early hours of Tuesday morning I woke up feeling pins and needles in my legs, and they were a bit more swollen. I was a little worried about the blood pressure situation, so I went up to my local GP’s the following morning to get it checked by a nurse. It had returned to an acceptable level. A urine sample showed that some protein, but not enough to be too concerned about.
The last day of this week was another ultrasound to monitor the triplet’s growth. While they are all within an acceptable range, I would really like to see Triplet A grow a little more as this little one is a pound lighter than his identical sibling.
So currently their growth is approximately (the sonographer kept stating a disclaimer that there needs to be room for error as it can be quite hard to obtain some measurements to get this data):
Weight in Pounds
Weight in Grams
Percentile for Gestational Age
Triplet A (ID, L. Side)
4lb 6oz

2311 g
Triplet B (ID. R. Side)
5lb 6oz
2440 g
Triplet C (Fraternal)
5lb 4oz
1971 g

The fraternal triplet still has a thick luscious head of hair that has grown in length since the last scan. The poor little identicals still seem possess limited hair. Just as well baldy babies are still super cute! I should know, I was one!

(Afternote: Thank the Lord I did colour my hair then! At 34 weeks and 1 day my babies were born. And let me tell you – it took awhile before I had another hair appointment! Keep reading here for Week 34)

(PS 2. The fraternal triplet didn’t really have any more hair then the boys as it turned out! In fact all three babies have less hair then the eldest two did! And the weights were generous too. Turns out we had Triplet A: 4lb 3oz, B: 4lb 8oz, C: 4lb 13) 

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  1. Exciting to hear about your last week before the triplets arrived! I think you may have the grams and percentiles for A and C switched around there, but I get what you mean. 45th and 61st percentiles are fantastic, and you’d have liked to have seen the weight in the 11th percentile increase a bit more. Nevermind, knowing their birth weights I see that the sonographer’s disclaimer was a wise one! My little girl was predicted to be almost 8lb a week before before she was born. One week later: 6lb even. Worried for nothing! CanNOT wait for your next post!

  2. Yes, some of A and C’s measurements are swapped on the table. But we don’t care, because their birth weights are different anyway!

    What a marathon final week you had. You’re amazing.

  3. I’m popping in for the first time via the TALU too. Sounds like you’ve really got your hands full! My blog is a food blog if you ever feel inclined (or have a spare minuet with all those kids, etc.) to pop in and check it out (http://hyethymecafe.blogspot.com/). Going back to find a post to add to the link up must have been a nice chance for you to look back and remember these days. 🙂

  4. Wow, the stories one learns and the folks one meets via link ups like the TALU one responsible for this visit, are just wonderful! What a day you had – and congratulations on the safe delivery of everyone! One year on, hope all goes well! Just dropping by to invite you all to visit my site sometime – SOON, hopefully. You’d be most welcome, ANYTIME!

  5. I can’t begin to imagine what having three one year olds, a toddler and a young child must be like and still finding time to blog hop – amazing.

    I imagine that reaching 34 weeks is quite a feat when carrying triplets

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