Week 30 – Triplet Pregnancy Journal

Week 30
Week 30 began with me being stressed out, which resulted in experiencing my first contractions in the morning while trying to get ready. We had the In Home Care Co-ordinator coming for an inspection. The In Home Care was officially scheduled to begin next day, so I was stressed that we get everything right so it could all start smoothly.
The weekend before the boys left for Cairns, I got The Accountant to start drilling locks into doors etc. It was a lot of fiddling around and he got some done, but not all. Plus we discovered we needed to buy some more for various areas. It’s a bit hard buying the locks because you don’t know which ones will work, and which ones won’t. So, once he had returned I was giving reminders to get it done, but then this thing and that popped up and before we know it we’re rushing around frantically late the night before, and the morning of, trying to get all the last minute things done. The biggest problem was that locks weren’t sticking on and were falling off all over the place. I was also changing things in cupboards so I wouldn’t need to put locks on and ruin the paintwork (My office cupboard now holds a startling array of kitchen, first aid and other various ‘dangerous’ items now. It’s all a bit bizarre.) I was printing out emergency contact lists to put near the phone, trying to find places to hang keys near doors, have paperwork sorted, and run through the house checking that there were no scissors, plastic bags, etc lying around.  I knew the co-ordinator is a really lovely lady, and good to work with, I just wanted to get everything right.
As it turned out we had done everything we needed, the locks managed to stay in place long enough and conveniently fell off after she left. (I think we’ve replaced them all now…) The co-ordinator was surprised that I’d filled all the sheets in and read all the documentation! Apparently most people don’t! Hooray to me for being a star student! And I was able to sort out a whole heap of issues that the In Home Carer had raised so that some of the more ridiculous red tape and fine print could be as flexible as possible to work in with our household.
Not that I am able to eliminate the red tape, of course. The classic issue this week was that I was told that regular visitors to the house (while the In Home Carer is working) would need Blue Cards   including my own mother! What a joke! Luckily we have talked to the governmental department and discovered that this is not a requirement at all for family members. Sometimes I wonder whether this is going to be worth the effort. I’m sure it will once the triplets arrive, but in the meantime, it’s stressing me out! After the inspection, I spent the rest of the day in bed, which helped settle down the contractions.
One of the most unfortunate part of the whole dilemma was that I still was feeling very tight in the stomach that evening, so I had to miss my beloved book club!
The rest of the week progressed fairly smoothly. The Accountant is being such a big help with the kids. I know it’s exhausting him having them all through the weekends without a break, but he really is such a wonderful Daddy, and the kids just love all the time he’s spending with them. He is also a champion coming home from work and getting stuck straight into final dinner preparations. Friends and family have been regularly supplying us with meals now, which makes things a lot easier,He’ll help with cleaning up and bathing the boys and putting them to bed. I try to help as much as possible, but I’m really not able to do too much anymore, I immediately start cramping. He’s such a devoted husband and father – I love him dearly and feel very much loved by all that he does for us.

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  1. Isn’t it amazing how husbands step up to the plate when we need extra help? I was always amazed when my hubby would go over and beyond what he would normally do to help me out, especially towards the end of my pregnancy when I couldn’t hardly do anything! What a blessing to have such an amazing Hubby!

  2. I’m angry that the home care is currently more of a PROBLEM than a help! That’s awful. You’re right, though, it will be worth all the hassle in the end.

    Do your overseas readers know that a Blue Card means you’ve had a police check to say you’re safe to work with children?

    I have one! Heck, I should change the address on it so my renewal forms come to the right place.

    The cramping must be stressful. Stay sane!

  3. I continue to be shocked at the red tape that expectant triplet families must suffer. I am tempted to contact them and complain about how ridiculous it all is. Well done for getting it all right! I must confess that if I was in your position, I’d probably elect to forego the assistance on the grounds that I’d never be able to follow all the red tape at the beginning. I wonder how many families do without care for that reason?

  4. Thanks for stopping into my blog Caitlin! Triplets?! I am excited for your three amazing blessings on their way soon! You will as they say, have your hands full! I hope you have family and friends around to help you after the delivery…at least to get some sleep. I will be checking-in on your progress – are you able to get out and about? I was on bedrest for 6 months – it was painful and annoying – but it all worked out end!

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