Uniformly Disorganised

This morning I opened up facebook on my phone and saw a friend’s status.

Ever tried to tumble dry formal school pants an hour before the bell rings? No? Never been THAT disorganised? I’ll let you know what happens…

As I read it, I reflected that, for sure and certain, I’ve been there. (Ha! How naive for her to think that she is the epitome of an unorganised mother. Redirect attention to – moi!) In fact, I thought I had a vague recollection of sending my child to school in slightly damp clothes before. But, I took comfort in the fact that I had seen Jonty’s uniform hanging in the cupboard yesterday, so today we were organised. Once I’ve sent him off to school I thought I’d write some comment under that post.

Fast forward an hour after reading the status. I look up and see Jonty in his PJ’s at 8:00am. He is supposed to leave the house at 8:00am. Luckily Daddy (who takes him to school) was finishing shaving in the bathroom. After I admonished my son, he scampered off to his bedroom. Next thing there was a call for shorts. Out comes my son wearing only a school T-shirt. (I don’t know why he couldn’t at least wear his jocks even though he was missing his shorts.)
“What?” I said in utter disbelief. “It was hanging in your cupboard.” Then I scurried into his room to prove my point. Except I was incorrect. The uniform I had seen hanging in readiness did not include shorts on the coathanger. 

Thinking quickly I remembered I had hung two pairs of shorts on the clothes line last night at 10pm. Surely those little polyester shorts would have dried overnight. It will be fine.

Except for the extremely heavy dew that seemed to settled this morning. The navy fabric was quite drenched. I handed them to my son sheepishly. “This won’t take long to dry out, Jonty.” I cajoled him, (not entirely convincing even myself.) “This fabric dries quite quickly. It will be kind of like wearing your boardshorts after you go swimming. It won’t take long and it will be dry.” He looked at me dubiously and then muttered, “I’ll just wear my trackpants.” and shuffled away. 

I felt awful, especially knowing that it was forecast to be a warm day. The Accountant hadn’t started yelling yet, he was obviously running late also. I chucked the shorts in the dryer on their own. They were quick drying fabric after all. Who knows?

I walked out to the kitchen. The Accountant was standing in front of the toaster. “Your committed to your toast, aren’t you?” I remarked dryly. “Absolutely.” he replied with a smirk. 7 minutes late and he still couldn’t leave without jam on toast. I proceeded to ‘make’ Jonty’s lunch. It consisted of as many pre-packaged items as I could find. Can I say how proud I am that my son likes canned tuna? So convenient. 

3 minutes later I whipped the shorts out of the dryer. (I wish I was as organised as my facebook friend and had an hour to dry them.) I held them up to Jonty. “Are you sure you don’t want to wear shorts?”

“OK. I’ll try them.” he sighed. He slipped his track-pants off and slid the shorts on. “But they’re cold, and it’s wet around the waist.” I acknowledged defeat and handed him the trackpants. 

He seemed happy enough when I picked him up. There seemed no scarring from wearing trackpants, despite the fact that the rest of his class were clad in shorts.

Still, this guilt ridden mother took him to the ice-cream parlour after school. As we ate chocolate gelato, he chattered away. He was talking about dreams. In all earnestness, he said. “Do you know what? I can dream in the daytime, with my eyes open. I can be sitting there and th

en a dream will just happen.” He launched into some fantastical story involving spaceships and missile launchers. I wondered during what school subject this daydream occurred. Then I had another round of guilt knowing he inherited the ability to day dream from yours truly. He will learn that the ability to daydream is a blessing and a curse. He kept chattering and shared about the wonderful dream he had ‘downloaded to his brain that day’, and how he couldn’t wait to go to sleep to dream it. I was just thankful that he wasn’t going to have nightmares wondering whether he would be clothed for school in the morning.

My boy and I. In a dry school uniform.

(Oh, and for the record. My friend’s son went to school in dry trousers.)

What catastrophes have you had in the getting ready for school rush?

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  1. Gotta love that mothers guilt! We haven’t had to do the uniform dash yet…only in our 2nd term of Kindy! Plently of time yet!

  2. Throw a dry cotton tea towel or pillowcase in the dryer with the uniform Caitlin (or any load in the dryer) it will dry more quickly. The account will love this hint cause it also saves $ on the power bill.

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