Two Year Old Triplet's Routine

Two year olds like their routine. Triplet two year olds are no exception and for Mummy, routine and multiples can be quite the necessity. Routines and toddlers is can often result in more settled children because there is a comfort and security in them being able to predict what is happening in their little lives.

Since the triplets are ‘the youngest’, their lives also need to be flexible enough to fit in with the older boys routines. I am fortunate that because of In Home Care I am able to get somebody in to stay at home with the triplets when I am out and about running errands, helping out  or doing drop offs/pick ups at Kindy or school and doing soccer practises and swimming lessons.

So at the moment my 34 month old triplet’s routine is:

7am – Their bedroom door remains shut until Mummy or Daddy comes in to say Good Morning. Beds are made and then they come out for breakfast.

8am – Say Goodbye to Daddy and Jonty.

Somewhere in between 8:00-9:30, depending on what day it is, the triplets get dressed. When we need to be out and about, getting dressed if often rushed and frantic and they need to be dressed before 8:30, even if we need to be out of the house by 9:00 it’s very busy. (The worst is that they are all dressed and then we need to go shoe hunting? What is it with shoes going missing out and odd socks?) On days we don’t need to be out of the house in the morning, (my favourite type of days!) We take it slowly and if the children are playing nicely, I don’t rush the dressing process.

8:30-10:30 – On home days, the children will often play independently and very happily with one another in the morning while I get jobs done.

10:30 – Morning Tea

10:45 – 12:30 – Craft time and Outdoor Time.

Two Year Old Triplet routine includes craft. Painting is a favourite
Painting is a favourite craft activity.
Two Year Old Triplets Routine going to a park
Sometimes outdoor play will include a visit to a park.

12:30pm – Lunch

Two year old triplets routine at lunch
Lunchtime! Vegemite sandwiches are the most frequent demand request.

1:00 – Nap – if I’m lucky. The triplets are not having naps every day anymore. It’s very sad and makes for a more exhausting day for all of us. If they don’t nap, I try to do quieter activities like reading or puzzles. Although often they will elect to do puzzles during free play in the mornings. Puzzles are a big hit around here at the moment. Sometimes I still put them in their rooms and just let them play. They actually just have a really great time in there together, and if they aren’t tired, there’s no point pushing the issue, otherwise they won’t sleep in the evening.

2:30 – Start waking. Do a quiet activity as they wake up. This is also a good time to do cooking with them if it’s not a kindy Pick up day. If it’s a day the triplet’s need to come with me to the Kindy, (thankfully most of the time I have it covered) I may have to wake some toddlers up. Last week I had to wake three up out of a deep sleep. It was heart breaking.

3:15 – Jonty home from school. Afternoon Tea. Outdoor Play. Imogen has started only having a short play outside lately and comes inside and does a colouring-in. While they are happily playing I also supervise Jonty’s piano practise and homework.

Two Year old triplets routine outdoor play
Eating afternoon tea defensively. They put their apples on their heads in between bites so the dog doesn’t eat it!

4:30 – Bathtime. Because it’s winter and the days start getting cold as the afternoon progresses, we have been bathing the triplets earlier. In the summer it’s 5:00/5:30.

two year old triplet routines in the bath
Triplet bathtime!

5:00 – Tidy Up and Play as I get dinner ready. If I’m lucky. Some days they will pester me in the kitchen more then others! I try not to turn on the TV because Immy has established an addiction and absolutely melts down when it is turned off and refuses to eat dinner. However some days I just need to turn on ABC2 and cross my fingers when it’s time to turn it off.

6:00 – Daddy arrives home from work. Is greeted enthusiastically. Unless the TV is turned on. Another good reason to not turn it on.

6:15/6:30 – Family dinner around the dining table.

7:00/7:30 – Take dishes to the sink, clean teeth and read stories before tucked in bedtime prayers are said.

Two Year Old Triplets Routine includes reading stories.
Almost ready for bed!

That’s the rough plan for each day. A rigid plan would not work for me, and I also think that it is good for children to be adaptable enough to cope if there are differences in their day.

Part of our routine is Playgroup on Monday and Wednesday mornings. On Fridays we will often get out of the house with Trent (it’s not his
Kindy day on Friday) and go and visit great grandparents. The children are lucky enough to have two great grandparents in town and we normally alternate visiting Great Nana and Great Grandad. On the odd occasion we have travelled to a nearby country town where my grandfather is in a nursing home and visit their 3rd Great Papa. Some mornings we may do the Kindy drop off and I will go for a walk with the triplet’s in a pram and then we end the journey with them spending an hour or so at a park, or we might travel into town and go to a park. I need to be very careful of the parks I choose to go with three toddlers to, but we have a few that they are now familiar with.

Two Year Old Triplets routine visiting great grandfather
Balancing on the bricks on their way to visit Great Grandad

Mummy’s routine of course is to relax/collapse/drink wine once lights are out at 7:30. Fortunately they are fairly good at going straight to sleep. When they don’t, I need to pray for extra grace and patience because by 8:00 I do not want to be dealing with kids!

What are regular routines in your house that make things tick smoothly? Do you have regular outings also?

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  1. I honestly find it very hard to maintain a routine with my son. On the two days he’s in daycare it’s the same morning and evening routine but on other days, he won’t go longer than 20 minutes playing independently or doing arts and crafts so I’m always having to change it up or arrange to go somewhere different or arrange play dates with other kids (luckily we have playgroup on thursdays). I could probably try a better routine but from past experience it’s never worked out 🙁

  2. Every parent has to do what works for their child, that’s for sure! Sounds like his routine is more what he does each day (eg. daycare, playgroup, being at home) is his routine more than what actually happens within that day.

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