Triplets Monthly Photo Project – Month 3

The title of today’s January Photo Challenge is “Someone you love”. I thought I’d post again the trio of ‘someones’ that I love, because I haven’t yet shown you the 2nd and 3rd month of the triplet’s monthly photo project. I didn’t take the photos. The wonderful Linda did. Go and check out her newest photos at 100 Days of Living and Giving  as she’s also participating in the January Photo Challenge. I’m loving her perspectives.

The triplets hit the three month mark in the holiday season. This photograph was actually on New Years Day, however I thought it was close enough to Christmas to justify the Christmas fabric!

Do you know how incredibly hard it can be to get three babies photographed without crying? Not easy let me tell you. Chook is chucking a wobbly here in the tub chair. He cheered up after a bit, but someone else started crying…

And here they are hitting 2 months. Somehow I got the order mixed up compared to the first month. Don’t know how. I had the picture there, studied it, double checked, and then put the babies down in the wrong spots. I’ve decided to keep them in this order, so I can remember that the boys are in chronoligical age either side of Missy. So that’s Joey on the left and Chook on the right.

And as for the tub chair. It wasn’t a happy moment. They are actually all crying here – really loudly. You can’t really tell except for Joey. But hey. It reflects what month two was like for us. Lots and lots and lots of crying from the reflux and colic. (Did I say lots?)

And here’s a flashback to the first month. I don’t know if this fully reflects just how tiny they were…

And they were remarkably well behaved the first time in the tub. 

I’ll look forward to sharing more with you as the year progresses. Which pic is your fav thus far?

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  1. Wow, you can really see how tiny tiny they were in the 4 week photo when you compare with the latest one. Those little legs!

    Just wondering, do you have a method of telling which boy is which? Or do they not look ‘identical’ to you? My mum is an identical twin and there are very few photos of them (born in the mid-1930s), but I can always tell them apart from about age 4. The couple of photos of them at 18 months though, I have no hope. Even they don’t know. I sometimes wonder if my grandparents atually mixed them up a few times as infants, and perhaps my mum was originally my aunty (at least her name, anyway)… 😉

  2. Oh wow, they are adorable, what a delightful trio. I just did my birth stories (4 children, twins in the middle) but how much fun would triplets be??!! You make beautiful babies, love Posie

  3. Hey there Emily Sue. Glad to hear you can see the difference. Sometimes it’s seems really obvious which boy is which, others not so much. I know that we have NEVER got them mixed up because since they’ve had their hospital tag one or both of them has always had their toe nail painted in his respective colour. Thanks Posie for your lovely words. I’m still trying to write my birth story about the triplets. I’m only up to the theatre. Some day – hopefully soon?

  4. 3 months already! It goes by so fast! They have grown so much, you can really tell how tiny they were when you get to look at all the pictures. Such cuties!!

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