Triplets Anti-Blogging Campaign

I’ve escaped to the computer. Shhh! Nobody tell the triplets!

They are busy playing in their corner.

I’ve been trying to get here all morning. No, I’ve been trying to do a blog post since last night. Well, to be really honest, I’ve been trying all week. I just can’t seem to find a spare chunk of time to do it.

Take for example the last 16 hours. I was saying to Miss Rachael earlier in the day how much I wanted to write a blog. Routines with children always change as they adjust and become older and need different things. Sometimes it can be for the better. Sometimes not.

Our routine has changed recently which has resulted with Mummy being excluded from the dining table at night. The triplets used to have their solids, then milk and bed. They have now decided that they like to have a play in between solids and milk. Which consequently means they now get thirsty at the exact same time the rest of the house gets hungry. I tried a few times delaying them until after I ate. This was disastrous. It resulted in five children needing immediate attention. The big boys are ready for brushing teeth, storytime, prayers and bed straight after dinner. Which is normally The Accountant’s responsibility. And it didn’t really work when two babies were having a tired hungry meltdown, crying their little eyes out while I breastfed and bottled the third baby.

And so last night, I was in my new routine, systematically feeding the babies and putting them down to bed while dinner was being consumed. Everything seemed to be going well. I had the babies in bed by 7:30 ready to watch my favourite show on TV (The Amazing Race) while I had dinner and tweeted happily.

Sidenote. I’ve just worked out twitter (it’s taken me awhile!) and I’m feeling very proud of myself and having great fun with it. Feel free to follow me at C_Happyheart (I’m sorry, I haven’t been able to work out how to put social media links on this page yet. I’m a bit technically challenged so all the behind the scenes blogwork can be a tad tricky for me.) I’ve worked out how to tweet, but I’d love more interaction. Like last night I had a good time chatting to Retro Mummy about car seats in our new van.

Darn. The triplets have found me. And I’m hardly even started.

OK. I’ve bribed them for a bit of extra time. Thank God for highchairs with wheels and arrowroot biscuits.

They are lined up watching me work on the computer.

So. For the duration of the show I was happy. It was the grand finale, so I thought once it was finished I’d write a blog.


Once the show was finished, Joey came out hungry. I fed him again. He was needy. We cuddled. I kept looking wistfully at the computer, but knew that if I cuddled him long enough until he was soundly asleep, he wouldn’t wake up again (fingers crossed) for at least several hours and I could have some time to myself.

Just as I was ready to put him back to bed, The Accountant came in with Chook, handed him over and bid me adieu as he went to bed. I did the exact same thing all over again. The clock kept ticking on, and I thought I might go to bed a bit later and still write a little bit. I’m kind of chomping at the bit to do some writing. I’ve written so many blog posts in my head, but they never get a chance to get written due to the confounded time factor. Yesterday I worked out that if someone could invent a wireless device that could type my thoughts onto the blog and leave me to edit it when I had the opportunity. (Editing device a must in this hypothetical piece of equipment) I’d be able to post a blog every day!

But of course, once I put Chook back to bed, Missy started crying. By this time I had breastfed both boys, so I gave her a bottle. She didn’t want the bottle. She wanted boob. She made this point very clear. I tried to communcate that boob was futile. She disagreed vehemently. I tried to prove this was futile. She agreed that it was unsatisfactory in the milk production, but she said she would compromise by using said boob as a dummy. I humoured her in a desperate effort to get the girl child back to bed, although the clock was tick tock ticking away and the desire to write was replaced by the desire to sleep.

Drat. Arrowroot biscuits are finished. Rice cracker anyone?

Since the small girl looked soundly asleep, and since I’m no dummy, (on so many levels), I detached her to go down for the night. Her eyes instantly popped open. I knew this was not a good sign. I decided to put her in the cot of isolation. As suspected, she instantly began to roar about the indecency of her treatment.

Knowing that if she cried to long she would still wake her brothers up at the other end of the house. I did a few things on the computer, even though by now I had no interest at being online. The crying escalated so before there were three babies crying, I picked her up for an extended cuddle session. (Interjected with two more failed attempts to put her to bed.) I eventually crawled into bed at 1:30am. and ignored The Accountant’s request for a cuddle.  Five kids, three being babies. Yep, he’s neglected.

Rice crackers finished. What’s my next move?

How about toys that normally their big brother forbids them to play with? If they don’t tell J Boy, neither will I.

So this morning. Joey woke at 5am. I fed him in our bed. He crawled all over our bed and us for about 45 minutes while I kept trying to hold him and keep sleeping. I’m actually getting kind of talented doing this in the early morning. By 6am Chook was awake. I got up fed him. The Accountant slept on and put Joey on the ground and let him make his way out. Of course then Missy woke up. And T-Star, who decided it was an excellent time to do the sweeping and was devastated when I rejected his helpfulness in fear that the broom handle was going to make a whole in my wall from his enthusiastic cleaning.

Babies and boys fed cereal, boy dressed for school. Lunch made. Husband and boy out the door to work and school. Missy was exhausted so I put her to bed, and this time she had a little cry then drifted off to sleep. Why can’t she do
that in the wee hours of the morning? Changed dirty nappies again. Dressed babies and two year old. Fed babies, put them to bed. Started getting excited. Grandma had told T-star that she would take him to her house in the morning. Could it be possible? Could I get a blog post written? (The housework of course can wait.)

Ate my breakfast.

One baby awake.

Put clothes on the line.

Two babies awake.

Grandma arrived. T-star disappeared.

Three babies awake.

Three babies needy. Three babies crying. Three babies wanting to be cuddled. All at once. Three babies refusing to leave Mummy alone.

Eventually they became distracted, and that is when I started writing this.

Thank you for reading. You really do give me moments of sanity in this busy, busy life. I love my three babies. I love the experience of doing the triplet thing, even though it can be so frustrating at times. But it is so nice to have an outlet.

The toys are insufficient. It’s almost lunchtime. Hopefully I can get some photos on here after lunch and you will see this post today! (Thursday)

Do your kids have a secret mission to stop you doing anything in particular?


To reward the triplets for their patience waiting in the highchairs, we had a fabulous game of stacking blocks. It was so cute I thought I’d share some pictures of the game with you!

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  1. I love reading your blogs. You’re in demand that’s for sure! The triplets are really cute and growing up fast.

  2. your triplets are so adorable! this post brings back memories of the early days with twins! I didn’t have to do any exercise or watch what I ate because I was running around so much after twins but I can’t imagine triplets

    you’re doing a great job:)

    let me send you a link to a great tutorial for adding social media icons to your blog! it’s a really easy one

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