Triplets – 6 weeks on

I can’t believe it! There is no crying! Surely not?

Yep. I just stopped to listen again. No crying. And I’m not holding anyone to achieve this. It’s amazing.

Mind you, it’s not all bliss I hear. The stupid neighbours have their music blaring. I’m not impressed. I’m that sleep deprived and have enough agro in me that I’d go over and complain, but then I’d lose valuable blogging time. But oh my goodness, it’s tempting. My sleep deprived brain doesn’t need to endure the heavy thump of bass and drums and rubbish music.

So as a special reward to me I’m jumping on to do a blog. I’ll write until I’m halted. I’ll try not to leave mid sentence, but if I do, I know you’ll forgive me. Because I’m determined to post this – incomplete, unedited if necessary. I’ve got to at least do some updates.

Nope. Can’t do this.


OK. The neighbour’s music has been turned down. He was friendly enough about it. Totally worthwhile being the annoying, pesky, complaining neighbour. Playing the ‘newborn triplets are living next door’ card really works a treat. Got to laugh as I was approaching the neighbour’s door I saw The Accountant rushing next door also. I thought he had also had enough, but when I got home I discovered that The Accountant just was being protective. He got nervous when he saw me charge out of the house to approach a strange man. (Yes, sadly we don’t know those neighbours, we’ve tried, but they haven’t reciprocated. We’ve lately decided that if the taste of their music is indicative of their personalities, it’s no loss.) Surely I wouldn’t have come to any harm, he’s a soldier after all. Ummm. Yes. The Accountant certainly is wise.

It’s nice to have your man want to protect you in any case.

So. To update you on other incidences apart from our neighbours.

The triplets turned 6 weeks yesterday! They are beautiful, and cute, and cuddly. We love them to bits.

Wearing the glad rags Great Nana gave them – back in the day when sleeping was a more popular pastime.
Chook (red) Missy (pink) Joey (blue)

They also all have reflux. This is not fun – for them or us. The result of this condition has been a fair amount of crying. We are now onto trying out our second type of reflux meds, since the first didn’t appear to be working. I’m not sure how effective the second lot has been either, to tell you the truth. We’ve also had our chiropractor around to visit and treat them all. (How obliging is he? I kept trying to get in there, and he volunteered to come to me instead. It’s totally worth staying somewhere long enough to have built a relationship with your practitioner.) Anyway, I’m not sure how helpful that has been either. At least I feel like I’ve been doing all I can. Hopefully I’ll be able to get in for a follow up appointment soon enough. However, yikes. It’s going to cost a pretty penny paying for all three at once. I didn’t have to for their first visit – it’s always on the house. I think I ought to qualify for a chiro frequent flyer card and get a free visit every ten visits or something.

For the last few days, the triplets have decided that life is much better when they are being held. It’s lovely holding them, it really is. But holding three babies, for hours and hours in a day. It be a bit tricky at times. Our second son was like this. But it’s so much easier when it’s only one baby. The issue is as well, is that when you put one baby down, there’s often another baby who starts crying. So your arms are never empty. There also is the issue that the baby that you have just put down, who appeared to be in a deeper sleep than Sleeping Beauty will almost instantly wake up and start screaming the moment it leaves your arms.

I’ll just post another photo at this point. Just to remind you how super cute they all are. Just so you know it’s not all a trial, and they are totally worthwhile.

This is the day that the triplet’s reached 40 weeks gestational age. Time just keeps swinging by. Sorry, bad pun. Sometimes living with an acountant can do terrible things to your sense of humour.

 I have been feeling so sorry for Toddler T of late. Having just turned 2, he’s practically still a baby himself. J Boy has kindy as an outlet. J Boy also loves playing on his own. T-Star is more social, loves the outdoors and loves excursions. But whenever people are in his house, there’s practically always a baby glued to an arm. The poor love has to create his own fun, which normally is no fun at all, because Mummy is always being annoying calling things from the couch, to not touch all the interesting things left on the kitchen bench, or he’s climbed up on something and fallen off because there was no one to intervene in time.

Herewith ends the update. Joey says so.

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  1. 6 weeks already! I cannot believe it! I am still so impressed with you as a triplet mom. It sounds like you are an amazing mom! My boys love to be held all the time and just when you think one has fallen asleep and set him down to pick up his fussing brother the “sleeping” one wakes right up. I can’t even imagine what it is like with triplets!! I am in awe of you!

  2. Geat to see you blogging but would be even greater to see you getting some sleep. Nana will so like the photo of the glad rags!

  3. Oh reflux sucks… I only had 2 with reflux and it sucked majorly… three would probably have killed me!

    I am impressed that you can find time to eat let alone blog!

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