Triplet's 1st Birthday Cake Smash

Triplets first birthday cake smash. Cute much? Definitely! So I thought I would share some extreme cute with you since I just got back photos of their 12 month cake smash. Thanks to the wonderful Zara Jane for doing this for us. Check out her facebook page here.
So here they are. Eyeing the cake with anticipation and curiosity!

The first tentative touches.


It didn’t take Jayden long to realise that this was lots of fun.

Here he starts some serious mooshing.

Miss Imogen decided that blue looked very pretty so started getting a piece of her brother’s action. Jayden was preoccupied in his own world of mess.

After awhile the pink and blue started becoming purple on her leg!

 Cheeky girl!

Oh my, Jayden just loved this whole experience so much, and hands down was the messiest baby. Although the red icing rather resembles a blood bath.

Getting towards the end of the session.

Looks like he has war paint on his cheek now!

 Messy bubba.

I am sure Jayden was only trying to be friendly, but Miss Im is not impressed with a friendly hand on the shoulder.

Yes, she is not impressed at all.

Toby having his last of his sugar overload.

Picking up Jayden because he kept trying to do a runner. (Note footprints…)

 The aftermath.

Of course there was heavy duty bathing required.

A glimpse of Imogen as Daddy bends over scrubbing the boys.

It was such fun! Thanks again to Zara for her beautiful images and great memories!

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  1. Too cute for words! We do a mini version of a cake smash (a cupcake on the high chair tray while baby is stripped down to a diaper) for our little ones’ first birthdays 🙂 Not sure I’d want to have to tackle a mess any bigger than the one contained in a high chair, LOL.

  2. Love love love!!! Cake smashes are so awesome, they look like they are reveling in it!! Such great memories for them! I’m with you, I don’t mind mess for a bit of fun!! X Karen

  3. CAITLIN, ohmygosh! These are adorable and hilarious! I laughed out loud – each picture got better! I love the one with the footprints and your (?) feet! What fun! Although, I remembering wiping our trio down and I must say THAT was not fun. 🙂 Ohmygoodness. :)))

  4. This is so completely adorable. I am always disappointed we didn’t do this when I see how much fun it is for them, but my husband put his foot down and would not have coped with the mess. I love the not impressed photo. Too cute.

  5. Oh that is TERRIBLY cute! I don’t know if I could handle the mess though, honestly, all that sugary coloured creaminess? FAR OUT! hahahaha. Happy birthday to your gorgeous babies x

  6. Oh my goodness! How adorable! The pictures are beautiful and what fun memories you will have from this experience! The triplets are getting so big and are such cuties!

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