Triplet Update – 7 Months

I thought I would pause in remembering the triplets births and update you on what they are doing in the present.

My wonderful trio are now 7 1/2 months. They are growing up now ever so quickly. As I see them grow I am constantly aware of how richly blessed I am to have them in my life. Seeing them grow up also makes me realise that babyhood is so brief and before long it will disappear. It makes me a little sad, even though I know life will also become a little easier in many ways. For now, when I carry a sleeping baby to his or her bed, I cherish every moment they are in my arms. When I kiss their little heads and stroke their chubby cheeks, I want to remember the moment for ever. When they look up and laugh, their eyes dancing with delight, I treasure the moment in my heart. I am so richly blessed, more than I ever could have imagined.

Two feeding while one looks on.

The babies sitting up, although they do still topple over, so you need to be ready to catch or have some pillows need to be close by. Miss Im particularly likes to sit up and survey her domain. Alas, compared to the boys she is rather unco-ordinated (takes after her mother), so you need to be especially careful because she will fall over doing a wonderful caricature of a lead balloon. The boys are a bit more rolly polly as they fall.

Little Immy might be the least active of the trio, but we forgive her since she is a totally awesome sleeper. (When she is not sick.) She will often fall asleep when she’s tired on the floor. Here rests my little bunny, cottontail and all.

—I’ll continue writing this post that I started a little while ago, but just an official note that they have just reached the 8 month mark. But I’ll continue outlining what the triplets got up to during their 7th month! —

By the end of their 7th month, Imogen can sit very confidently, but crawling isn’t on her agenda. The boys have well and truly mastered the commando crawl. They now can get wherever they want throughout the house.

The triplet’s favourite place to hang out these days is on the mat. This is fairly typical, boys moving around on their tums while Missy looks on from her stationary position.
The boys on the move while Immy supervises.

I’m still grateful that they are fairly slow, so generally you can see them heading in a direction and five minutes later you’ll know the general area in which to find them. Even still, I’ve misplaced Jayden a few times.

Active and adorable.

They’ve been sick, poor darlings. It’s the reason the blog posts have been few of late, and the reason this post has taken so long to write. They are getting up many, many times throughout the night. We’re all tired.

My five little darlings.

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