Triplet Pregnancy – Week 10

Week 10
Another scan, and what a shock! We see the two babies on the screen. All of a sudden Dr. E pauses and starts looking at the screen intently, then, “Yes, there it is … see? …” This time I don’t see anything on the screen, but my heart has skipped a beat and I am hoping he is not going to tell me any bad news, although I don’t know what it can be because I can see the two babies wriggling.
“There’s a third one there.” My heart skipped a beat again. My heart probably skipped several beats actually. My mind is instantly rushing ahead to questionning how are we going to cope with three babies at once? While simultaneously looking at The Accountant to see what his reactions are. A is looking equally stunned but is smiling, which is more than I could muster.

Dr. E continues to examine the scan. There is most certainly three babies, and he keeps on assuring us that he is not joking. I didn’t think that this is anything to joke about and have never doubted what he is saying.

One of the eggs has split and we have two identical children and one fraternal. The identical pair are squashed together and the one on the bottom is a bit smaller. We are reassured that they are not co-joined, and they each have their own sac, which is good that they are not sharing. I hadn’t thought to worry about any of that, my head is already floating with a vague sensation and I’m trying my hardest to concentrate. We are going to have to watch the identical pair carefully, they are most in danger. The third one is sitting pretty (or handsome, as the case may be) in his own (much larger) happy sac.
We go into Dr. Esler’s office and discuss more about the details of a triple pregnancy. When we walk out to the reception, I am shaking. I have said I will babysit our neighbour’s child for the rest of the day. I wish I didn’t now. All I want to do is crawl up in a hole and try and digest the information. I already love that third child. I want all three children to grow and be born strong and healthy. But the logistics of life with three babies, three children, three teenagers – plus having five children in my family is buzzing in my brain.
We have told J Boy about the pregnancy. He was at the scan, and very excited, although we completely ignored him once the triplet scenario was introduced. We had been wanting to let the world know after this scan. Now, we aren’t so eager and will wait for the 12 week mark. Jonty is incredibly cute and very excited about the “twee baby twipwets”. J Boy told Toddler T. Toddler T showed no emotion whatsoever, of course. The poor child will be not quite two when they are born. He won’t know what has hit him. We have also told the family. Everyone is excited, I’m starting to catch some of it and not be completely petrified.

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  1. Words failed me when you rang as well! Good thing your father was also on the phone doing his loudest cheering and hollering! I don’t think you even noticed my little squeek!

  2. PS! I’m terribly excited and love that third little baby completely!
    Just in case there was any doubt …

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