Triplet Pregnancy Journal: Weeks 5-9

Week 5
I was in town on Tuesday and went to the toilet to discover an alarming amount of blood. I freaked out and rang the nurses at the clinic in tears. Went straight there got some paperwork and went next door for a blood test. (Not the easiest job to do with two children in tow.) Got results back that afternoon after a nervous wait to discover there was good HCG levels. Phew.  Blood had settled down and become brown, which also was a good sign.
A follow up blood test on Friday. I had been bleeding again that morning so went in first thing in the morning. I was told the results would be ready by lunch time. Didn’t hear anything so rang the clinic at 1:00 to find out what was happening. The nurses rang the labs, to discover my sample had never left the clinic. Had fingers crossed and was praying that the results would come in before the office closed at 4:00 otherwise I would have to wait until Monday. Was beside myself with nerves. The results came in, just in the nick of time. My HCG levels had quadrupled. Normally they would at least double. A huge sigh of relief.
Week 6
Scan this week. There was more bleeding before the scan, but took heart in the good HCG levels.
I could instantly see when the scan begun that I did have a pregnancy. I’ve been to plenty of scans over all the years of my infertility and secondary infertility. I know what I’m looking for (to a certain extent) on that little black and white screen. Also saw at the same time that Dr. E told us that there were two sacs. We are having twins! Feeling nervous about the amount of work there will be but excited by the blessing that God is extending to our family.
Week 7
Bleeding settled down. Feeling good. Family and friends that we have told are very excited for us at the prospect of twins.
Week 8
More bleeding. More nerves. Remembering that Dr. E had told us that our chance had dramatically reduced because we’d seen two heartbeats. Also trusting that God will complete the good work he has begun within me.
Week 9
Still bleeding, but I’m starting to get used to it. I’m working out my body’s limits. If I do too much housework without having a rest, or if I hold the toddler for too long. (Like the day we were in town and discovered the pram was missing it’s front wheel – thanks to J Boy -and I couldn’t use it.) I’m taking it easy and the bleeding is less.

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