Triplet Pregnancy Journal – Weeks 20 & 21

Week 20
Had an appointment with Dr. G. All is going well with me. I measure in at equivalent to a 32 week singleton pregnancy. I have also put on the same amount of weight that I totalled for the entirety of Toddler T’s pregnancy. (11kg.)
Despite being so large, (Not that I am concerned about it at all – yet! I have always loved watching my pregnant belly grow. It’s just that this time there is always the sense of foreboding of what is to come.) I am constantly told by other women that I look great, (Why thank-you!) and they were just as large when they were 20 weeks. (I highly doubt it in most cases.) I think when people hear I’m having triplets they expect to instantly see me the size of a whale. When they see that I’m still the size that they once were while pregnant they immediately identify with it. However, if you stand me next to a woman who is 20 weeks, (even if she is carrying at the front), that’s when you notice a considerable difference.
Dr. G has warned me that the likelihood of having bed rest, quite possibly being hospitalised is getting closer, most likely starting in August. The danger zone normally starts around 26 weeks. I am praying that things continue to go as smoothly as possible. Bed rest doesn’t worry me. What does worry me is how my family will function during this time. I know we will work things out, and I am fortunate to have incredible support. However, the longer I can safely delay this, than obviously the better it will be for the family.
The boys and I went out to Moolan Downs. (Mum and Dad’s 10,000 hectare farm.) So the triplets got their first visit experiencing (kind of!) real secluded Aussie country life. The boys had a great time: branding cattle, rowing up the river (compliments of Grandad), exploring, kangaroo spotting, inspecting farm houses, bonfires and generally playing in the great outdoors with their cousins. It’s so great for the kids to experience farm life, since they aren’t growing up on a farm. I can’t wait until I have five little monkey’s running around enjoying the bush.
Week 21
It is really hard incubating three human beings when you are responsible for two live little humans. This has been my challenge this week. For the first half of the week things were going smoothly. I looked after my nieces and nephews one morning. They played beautifully with the boys, and then when they were starting to get sick of one another Grandma came and picked all of them up, including my boys, and I had a little afternoon rest. Then it was the weekend and The Accountant took the boys down to the Rail Museum in Ipswich on the Saturday, (a favourite family excursion) so I enjoyed taking it easy and having the house to myself. Then on Sunday afternoon Toddler T fell asleep at my sister’s during a lunchtime birthday celebration and J Boy was watching a DVD with the cousins so the kids stayed at their aunt’s house for a few hours. I went home for a rest and The Accountant went to pick up the new bunk beds for the boys.
I’d also been having afternoon rests while out on the farm, so it was a total shock to the system on Monday when I had the kids on my own all day. I was exhausted by the afternoon!
I have been working at changing rooms. We are moving the boys into the room that was T’s room. We’ve bought bunk beds. I’m very nervous how Toddler T will go sleeping in there, but I’m sure he’ll adjust. The nursery is going to be J’s old room – next to the laundry. Hopefully they will get used to sleeping while the washing machine whirrs away – especially since I’m sure the washing machine will be getting even more regular workouts once the triplets are here!
My challenge this week has been coping with getting bigger and tired more quickly while coping with two little boys. They have been very full on. Toddler T continually gets into mischief or is crying and dropping to the ground when things don’t go his way. (Which often requires being lifted in order to re-direct him.) J Boy has been quite naughty this week also and is starting to back chat a lot. Of course, this is not at all acceptable, we are dealing with it, but it is so tiring and emotionally draining. I gave up trying to get anything done by the end of the week, and just spent a day spending time with the boys. They loved it – and the housework was still there the next day!

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  1. Don’t worry about how you are going to cope, you WILL cope. God won’t give you more than you can handle, and he knows how many people love you and will lend a hand when needed. I had to spend my whole third pregnancy with my feet up, as I was at risk of losing Joshi. It was challenging and sometimes hard, but with the support of amazing family and friends, we got through just fine. You learn that housework is unimportant, and that dishes in the sink will happily wait for someone else to come and wash them.
    Shout when you need help, there are so many of us that will drop what we are doing and come and do what you need :o)

  2. Lifting Toddler T won’t get any easier soon, hey! Makes it hard, both with back strength and balance! I moved house once while 6 month pregnant and nearly fell over a few times while carrying stuff, cause there’s a lot more of you to lean forward!

  3. I love that you are sharing your pregnancy journey! I will be 35 weeks tomorrow with twin boys and I now have no choice but to slow down. Things are harder to do, I get tired easier and I just overall hurt (my legs, hips, back, belly, etc). I was put on modified bed rest at 30 weeks, but we do not have any little ones yet. I think it would be hard to be on bed rest in the hospital when you have toddlers at home. I have been so blessed and amazed at how my friends and family have pulled in to help my Hubby and I! It is truly a blessing! God really does supply for all your needs, even when one of those needs is for a friend to bring you lunch so you are not so lonely. I’ll be praying for your triplets and your pregnancy! I know 3 is just one more than my 2, but I just couldn’t imagine triplets!

  4. Amazing how that housework hangs around isn’t it! Even when you get it all done the next day it’s back to greet you! I’d love a genie for mine!

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