Triplet Pregnancy Journal – Weeks 13-15

Week 13
Kind of missed not having an ultrasound this week, after having two last week! Things are settling down, I’m not bleeding, nor am I feeling so sick. I’m also regaining some energy and not going so have extended my bedtime hours instead of heading to bed shortly after the children. 2nd trimester is here! Hooray!
Week 14
Oh my goodness! I seem to be always hungry! I now cannot even make it in between morning tea and lunch. I have to have a pre-lunch before lunch.
I had a fall at night, which really frightened me. It doesn’t matter that everything seems to be alright, it’s always at the back of my mind. I’m really wanting that ultrasound now, but I still need to wait another 3 weeks. It was dark, when I remembered something had been left out in the yard that should be inside, so I ran out to get it. Unfortunately I forgot that Toddler T had dragged a big wooden box around during the day and it was left right in my pathway.  I hit it hard with one leg, than the other before toppling right over the top of it and landing on my tummy. It really hurt and I was crying when I came inside. J Boy was very concerned and caring. He came and gave me a teddy bear to cuddle to help me. When Alex came home I burst into tears again. He gave me a cuddle, which was very much needed. Unfortunately I then the floodgates opened and I started ranting and getting ultra-emotional about all the fears that I’ve had in my mind these past month. Alex then proceeded to gain an epic fail in appropriate response to a very emotional and hormonal woman. This caused that same woman to dissolve into hysterical sobbing. We both had to leave the room to settle down.
Peace has been restored. The rest of the week trundled along nicely. Of course I’ve gained control of my emotions, but I do worry at extra twinges and aches I feel.
Week 15
It seems that the general consensus of most people I meet is that I’m glowing. It’s always nice to hear people saying you look good! I’m loving being in the 2nd trimester.  But the rate at which my stomach is growing indicates that the comforts of 2nd trimester will end a bit sooner than usual. There’s nothing subtle about the rate my abdomen is growing!
15 weeks pregnant

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  1. So do scans increase or decrease the worry? Do you worry more because you need a scan to check your OK or do you worry less because you can check?
    Never having had a scan I wouldn’t know!
    But I do remember the goat knocking me several feet off the back end of a trailer when I was carrying you.
    Said goat was for my benefit (and yours) as your father had bought it because goat milk was better for us.
    Horrid things goats! Still don’t like them.
    Emotional could also be in the genes as I seem to recall a few hysterics that day!

  2. Gosh – you are a brave bean!

    I know the worry of wanting to have checks all the time, it is so scary! But rest in knowing that your body is doing what it has to…

    Love the pics of your bump – soooo cute lovey!

    I hope hope hope you can keep up the posts when the threesome arrive…. I am happy to type them up for you and you can just talk…. Just an idea…


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