Triplet Pregnancy Journal – Weeks 11 & 12

Week 11
Last week I stopped bleeding, which has been a huge relief. To replace this I am constantly wanting to pee. Lots of trips to the bathroom continue this week.  Also feeling more nauseous. Very sensitive to smells. The Accountant thought it was wonderful that I found the smell of prawns offensive so he got the whole lot to himself.
Week 12
Started the week with our final visit to Dr. E. When we walked into his office, The Accountant said, “Don’t you dare tell us you can see a fourth one on that screen…” But once the scan started, there were those three little heartbeats, (no more, no less), pumping away and three tiny human beings wriggling around. He did a nuchal translucency scan, for down syndrome, which came back clear. It’s always great to hear good news. And that was our last appointment with Dr Esler, as he is not doing obstetrics anymore. It’s kind of sad, since he’s got us to that stage, (although when I said something like this to him, he was very quick to only claim responsibility for only two of the little ones!), and was my doctor for my eldest two boys.
We met with our new obstetrician, Dr. G, a few days later. I had taught his son for two years in grades 2 & 3, and had a bit to do with his other 3 children while they were in school also. It gave me confidence knowing that the man who was going to track the growth and development of the triplets before their birth had such wonderful children, polite, conscientious and with a sense of humour.
I’ve seen Dr. G in parent teacher interviews a few times, but of course it is totally different seeing him in his professional setting rather than in my professional setting. Weeks 33-36 for me, right during the time that the triplets are most likely to arrive. He did say that we would try to get to 37 weeks, but since full term for triplets is 35 weeks, it’s very probable that another doctor will deliver the babies. But Dr. G was lovely, collecting all the necessary details, answering all our (many) questions and he spent a great deal of time examining the ultrasound. It was nice not to be rushed and really have a good look at our children.
He also recorded some of the footage for us on a memory stick, which has been fantastic, especially to share with our family. Ultrasounds weren’t around when my Mum was having children, so this was the first time that Mum and Dad had seen a moving shot of any pre-natal grandchild. As expected, they were tickled pink.
12 weeks, 4 days. The three little tykes all snuggly together.
The Two Identical Triplets
The Fraternal Triplet

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  1. Not true Caitlin! I went in with Katrina to see Reuben! But he’s not triplets is he!
    Didn’t get a copy though! So some firsts still and your not wrong it’s incredibly fantastic!

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