Triplet Pregnancy Journal – Weeks 1-4

Week 1
I start a new round of medications for another try at IVF. Last month we had a failed attempt. I am desperately hoping that this time will not fail, as we cannot afford to do another cycle.
Week 2
The deed is done. Another visit to the surgicentre for the embryo transfer the morning of The Accountant’s last day of work for Eden Farms. A long wait for a quick procedure. As per normal. We had a good talk to the scientist before going in and starting the procedure. He said we had two embryo’s. One had four cells, one had two cells. He also explained that because we were one of those first couples where he had frozen unfertilised eggs, ours had been slow frozen. Since then he’s discovered that they get higher pregnancy rates if they fast freeze the eggs (occytes). He indicated that a lot of couples with slow frozen occytes need to try many times before they achieve a pregnancy. I had a sinking feeling when he was explaining this. I knew we were running out of funds to come back again. I felt even more depressed when I went home and googled and discovered that the ideal embryos to place in a transfer normally had between 6-8 cells. I was very glad that we had placed two eggs in, because this would increase our chances of having at least one child. I also took heart in the fact that the scientists had said that even though they only had a few cells, they were very good looking embryos and had no fragmentation. Also, he took ages to come out with the eggs. He must have had another look at them on the way, because he said the two cell embryo had increased to a three cell. It was good to know that the cells were multiplying.
Week 3
Waiting, waiting, waiting. Excruciating. Staying away from google. It messes with my mind. Putting my faith, trust and confidence in God. The Accountant, as always is positive. Bought a 7 seater car. If we do end up with twins, at least we’ll be able to transport them.
Week 4
Did a pregnancy test. It was Positive!!! Oh Happy Day!
Started bleeding. Nerves have returned. Requesting lots of prayer and trusting that God will keep the little life that has started safe.

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  1. Yep, but catching up over the next couple of days of what’s been happening over the last couple weeks. I’ve been interested to read other triplet pregnancy stories, so thought I’d record my own.

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