Triplet Pregnancy Journal – Week 27

Week 27
I started this week by having a friend around and tackling the nursery. This is the picture I sent her when I was pleading for help.

It does emit a certain degree of desperation, no? Since that picture we had moved two more cots in. We were given two cots which is totally awesome and a big money saver. They were in pieces, but The Accountant has now put them together. Although one is a bit old and was missing screws, so he still needs to finalise that. Plus, we also need to purchase two more mattresses yet.

Mrs. Organised girlfriend and I started by clearing out the piles of baby shower goodies and rearranging the cots into the best workable configuration. I think this format will work best.

Still so much stuff to sort through. Plus, we need to share some of the changing space with Toddler T who is still in nappies…

The Accountant was smug when he came home and saw it as it was his suggested layout. I had wanted our sleigh cot to be in pride of place so you saw it when you first entered the room. It’s such a beautiful cot. But alas, it wasn’t to fit. The Accountant had got out the tape measure and had told me that it wouldn’t fit, but I had to test it for myself. Foolish move, mitrusting his numbers. Of course he had calculated correctly.

Then it was a process of sorting through things and finding homes for everything. After spending four hours working in the room, nappies, towels, blankets, wraps, bibs etc. were sorted. The baby’s hospital bag was packed, and the room still looked like pandemonium. Throughout the next few days I folded or hung all the 0000 (0-3 month) clothes (all the 00000 (premmie/newborn) clothes are packed). There’s nothing more satisfying than opening up the cupboard and seeing all the little baby clothes ready and waiting. I can remember savouring this thrill of expectation and anticipation before the boy’s arrival also.
There is still lots of stuff that needs a home, and we do need more storage. It’s getting more difficult now. I always hate this last part of setting up a new area, because it’s so difficult to create the spaces, and decide what to do with the various bits and pieces. I’d also like some (preferably three) bookshelves hung on the wall, so that each triplet can have a shelf for special things, like money boxes, or soft toys, etc.

Since I’ve been banned from shopping, The Accountant has become the purchasing officer now. Even though I will normally outline exactly what I want and The Accountant walks to the shops close to his work most days and grabs a bag or two from Coles or bits and pieces from Kmart. For now it’s working doing our shopping in small increments. Sooner or later I’ll have to put in an online order, but I decided I didn’t like it when I went in and had a look. I’m sure it’s just because it’s the unknown, and in no time I’ll be whizzing around the virtual aisles like a pro. But for now our lunch hours shopping system is working.

I am a bit cheeky and sneak out and do little trips every now and again. I only carry a lightweight bag or two, and I only duck in and out, as quickly as possible so I figure that surely this is being careful. For instance, I slipped into a toy store that was having a sale, under the strict supervision of my mother, and to the disapproval of my sister. But I was happy, I almost finished getting the last of birthday and Christmas presents of my nieces and nephews and got a few little stocking stuffers. I also ducked into a local store and returned a maternity skirt that I had bought because it looked nice and stretchy, but alas, when I put it on, it didn’t stretch far enough, and already was cutting into my skin. I replaced it with a dress, which I thought ought to last me until the end since it doesn’t have a waistline.
Another doctor’s appointment to end the week. Three heartbeats still present and accounted for. The triplet’s have moved position, which was rather strange to contemplate, since they have been lying with the identical’s heads together down in my pelvis and the fraternal floating solo up top, for quite some time now. Since about 16 weeks I think. Now Triplet 2 has moved up so it’s head is next to the fraternal triplet. Meanwhile Triplet 3 has buried even deeper down into my pelvis. This one has literally become a pain in the butt. It is such a disconcerting feeling, because T3 keeps waving hands around and tickling my rear. I’m used to feeling this in my stomach, but down there? It’s just not quite right.
After the visiting the doctor, I had followed his instructions and had gone to the Maternity floor to begin receiving steroid injections. This is as a precaution in case the babies come early. I was told it could be quite painful because it’s quite a deep injection, but honestly, I’ve had flu injections that have hurt more.
After receiving the injection, I went to the special care nursery for a little tour. Even if the babies come at 36 weeks, there’s a chance they’ll room in there for a bit, so I thought it would be a good idea to go and familiarise myself with the place in advance. The midwife on duty was really lovely. She gave me lots of information about premmie babies, procedures in the nursery and answered all my questions graciously. There were three 32 week old babies in there, so it was good to see what size they were. There was one poor little midget who had jaundice and looked quite sick. There were also 32 week old twins, who were beautiful and pin

k and looked healthy, just very little and needed to grow. Listening to the midwife talk about the various milestones and how the babies respond to the Special Care after being born at various weeks of age, has made me more determined to that as much I can, I will do everything necessary to ensure that the babies will be born as late as possible.

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  1. Wish that I could have helped out, alas the distance might be a problem! So sad that we are so far from each other, in 2 more months I’ll be on holiday for nearly 4 months. Wouldn’t it have been great if I could just pop over and come and help? Sohette

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