Triplet Pregnancy Journal – Week 26

Week 26
By reaching this week, we have hit a milestone. If the triplets were born now, their survival rate is quite likely. Because they would be very pre-term, there is still an increased risk of long term complications, so we still want them to keep cooking! Also, if I were to start labour that could not be delayed, I would need to be transferred to Brisbane via ambulance, with my own personal midwife, in order to have the advantages of the superior pre-natal care. If the babies were born in Toowoomba, they would need to get to Brisbane in a helicopter. Which would be an impressive first mode of transport. Not impressive enough to make an early entrance, mind you.  (Just in case they are listening.)
I started this week doing a Mummy thing. Probably one of the last of time I will be able to do this with my J Boy for a little while. We went on a kindy excursion. The outing included the half hour trip into town on a bus full of super excited 4 and 5 year olds. J Boy had been more pumped about the bus ride than any other part of the trip.

We stopped firstly at a local park for some morning tea and a play.

This was the most tiring part for me, standing up for any length of time brings on discomfort in my abdomen, so I was as excited as the children were to get back on the bus. Next, onto Toowoomba’s beautiful art deco Empire Theatre to watch “My Grandma lived in Gooligulch”, a lovely Aussie production based on a children’s book.

With their head full of oversized wombat puppets, hairy legged gossiping emu madames and eccentric Grandma’s, the children were packed back on the bus, and back towards kindy. There was a brief stop. Their brave teacher brought the whole class to her home to prove that she did actually have a home. Many of the children thought she lived at kindy. So now they have proof. They even went into her bedroom, and some were most surprised that she even sleeps in a real bed! J Boy was impressed with her large ‘trophy’ she kept in the garden. (It was a white statue of a woman in a garden bed.) Lastly, back to kindy where I kissed my little boy goodbye and went home and slept off the biggest morning I had in a long time! Double motivation for having a sleep was it was my favourite night of the month – Bookclub!

The 2nd cleaner started this week, and a family friend has been helping out mid-week for half a morning. Plus Mum was there for her weekly ironing service. So things are quite organised, neat and tidy here right now! (Although there are many piles of mess that still need to be dealt with. I’m gradually knocking over these hotspots.) I really have been following the doctor’s orders and reducing the amount I do during the day, and all this help has really allowed me to do so. I have noticed a difference which is encouraging. I have had more energy this week, and haven’t been nearly as sore.

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  1. I am loving your updates Caitlin! For the last few years I’ve followed the blog of a Minnesotan triplet mum who had similar concerns. She had 3 very healthy little babes at nearly 34 weeks, and they were nearly as heavy as my full-term babies 🙂 And now they are 4 yrs old, and as busy as J-boy! Isn’t it overwhelming before a baby is born, and all the what-ifs are still floating around? You must have what-ifs in triplicate! Keep up the awesome work.

  2. Congratulations on making it to 26 weeks! What an accomplishment. It is so exciting to hit those milestones! I am so impressed you can still get out and about so well. I am sure you little ones loved the outing! Hoping your three keep “cooking”!

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