Triplet Pregnancy Journal – Week 22

Week 22
Still moving more slowly this week. Makes it a challenge when there’s so much on my agenda.  We had people around for dinner on the Saturday night, which was lovely. I had to give myself a break and not make dinner completely from scratch, which I would normally do when having people around. A packet mix of Mediterrenean Lamb Shanks in the slow cooker came to the rescue. Sometimes us women just need to lower our standards and give ourselves a break. Plus my guests was kind to bring along some side dishes, which made life easier. It all tasted delicious, anyway. I did make a self saucing chocolate pudding for dessert. It was the highlight of my day. Baking and dessert baking is one of my favourite things to do, I hope I will be able to find the time to do this every now and again during the next year of this crazy triplet parenting journey. It will help keep me sane, I’m sure!
Because we had been changing bedrooms for the boys/babies, we had stuff spread all through the house. I thought we were going to eat amongst the shambles, but was happy to have the living areas fairly clean by the time our friends arrived. Plus, it’s always nice afterwards when you’ve forced yourself to do a bit of clean up, especially since we had a busy week ahead.
We had a lovely evening getting to know some new friends. Having a dinner party at this stage was still manageable, but I think it will be the last one for awhile.
Wow, I can’t imagine the change in dynamics when we are ready to have people over again while being the parents of triplets plus two! Because I love entertaining, I’m sure we’ll work it all out! I do know I’ll be on the hunt for super easy recipes though!
On Sunday I had the boys to myself while The accountant and my rev-head cousin  went down to watch the Winter Nationals Drag Races, which had been re-scheduled after being washed out earlier in the year. Naturally the boys and I went to church, which was good. Because of the late night the evening prior, Toddler T slept through the service. Afterwards we went to the hospital for a quick visit with my Grandad.  Afterwards the boys and I had a nice pub meal with Mum and Dad. Mum and Dad took the boys home which was nice, it allowed me to run a few errands in town unhindered and then go home for a quick rest before collecting them.
Monday was J Boy’s 5th Birthday.  Luckily I had kept it very simple, opting to miss the big party with heaps of friends and instead have a family dinner. That left most of the day free to do the cake. In the end, I was doing it later in the afternoon. I still got it done in time to have a little rest before getting ready to go out.

I’m glad I hadn’t spent the whole day trying to make party food, games, decorations, etc. Because even as it was I was utterly exhausted during the evening. The Accountant washed the boys when we got home and put them to bed. I think I was asleep before them. I was very surprised how tired I was since I had been going slow throughout the day and really didn’t have too much on the agenda.

On Tuesday the boys and I had another at home day. J Boy continued to be very much engrossed in playing with his new toys. Mum took the boys into visit my Nana in the afternoon and I made cupcakes for J Boy to take to kindy on Wednesday for his birthday.
The pace was slower for the remainder of the week, which was needed.

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  1. I thought, “Ha ha, she used the same menu as that time when WE went to dinner!”

    And then thought, “Oh, that WAS us.”

    It was marvellous, and I’d love to find that packet mix and try it!

  2. You had the Crazy Family around to dinner? I’m so jealous that all my best blogging buddies live near each other. Or at least within an hour or two. I want to play too! *pout*

  3. Say What?!? Obviously it has been a LOOOONG time since I’ve popped over here (thanks for stopping by my place and commenting, BTW!) Pregnant with triplets?!? Congratulations!!! I will stop my whining (just for tonight) about trivial stuff! Looking forward to catching up and following up on your journey!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!! <3

  4. Hey you can still entertain! Just take an extra meal out of the freezer! Get the other family to bring dessert! Then when they get there ask if they mind holding a baby! You’ll have fun!

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