Triplet Potty Training Week 2

And so the potty training continues. You can pop over and read Triplet Potty Training Week 1 if you missed out last week.

We have been allowing them to spend as much time with ‘big girl/boy’ pants or no pants at all as much as possible. I had been putting nappies on them to sleep. It soon became apparent that Imogen was holding on for as long as possible to do a wee in the nappy. I then started to put her to bed with no nappy whatsoever. I was very surprised that she was waking up dry from her daytime nap! In the evening if she hadn’t been to the toilet I also put her down without a nappy, which did mean wet sheets on one night. The second night she fell asleep without wetting the bed and I put a nappy on her after she was asleep. Most of the time she pretty well refuses to wear pants. It is getting colder, so I’m hoping she’ll start wearing them soon!

The boys are showing some interest, more enthusiasm from Imogen, but it hasn’t entirely clicked in either of their heads yet. Toby seems to have more awareness though then last week when he virtually had none!

All of them have done number 1’s in the potty, but have not done this with any regularity. They quite liked sitting on the potty together at times. Miss Stacey has been doing a great job with helping them on their journey to pants!

I’m still not certain that we will continue or give it another shot when the weather warms up. We’ve had some successes, but there is still a lot of resistance coming from them. If it gets too much, I will try again when they are going to be a bit more enthusiastic. At least when the weather is warmer it’s easier to run around naked!

But without further ado, I’ll show you some pictures of the potty training triplets journey for Wordless Wednesday. Which is kind of Words are Less, rather then no words type of Wordless for me!

Toddler Boy Potty Training
With so many little individuals fascinated about toilets right now, why wouldn’t you spot this as you walk past a hallway?

Toddler Boy Potty Training
And then disappearing around the corner.

Triplets Sitting on Potty
Miss Stacey patiently encouraging patient sitting.

Triplets sitting on potty
They had a pleasant communal evening potty session.
Potty training triplets
This time a tandem potty sesh.

Potty training triplets
They both needed to go at the same time. I turned around to pick something up and before I knew it the toilet paper was being loaded into the loo.

I might have stopped it from happening the first time, but later in the day I went into the toilet to find the roll had been ‘used’. (And of course the empty roll was still on the hanger. We’ll get to that lesson later…

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  1. I have no tips only the most positive of vibes!! If things don’t click soon I would probably leave it and try again. My now 5 year old was just turned 3 before he was day toilet trained and about 9 months later was fully toilet trained. They will get there!!

  2. Awww… such cuties. I love the toilet obsession thing. I don’t have kids but was close to my niece at that age and a girlfriend of mine has almost finished potty training her 2.5yr old – quite successfully fortunately.

  3. Oh I remember the tons of loo paper we went through at first. About to do it all again….sigh…It all takes time and all kids are different.

  4. Oh my goodness. I am procrastinating on toilet training my second child because it is really just so much hassle. I let her just sit on her potty with her nappy on whenever she wants to at the moment. I have a new perspective now that I have seen you juggle 3 at the same time.

  5. I dread when I have to toilet train my daughter. Tonight she ran away after I took her dirty nappy off. She got her walker and toddled off then did the biggest pee all of my mat!!!

  6. I’ve been telling Lior this week that he has to start telling me when he needs to go the toilet. He is in cloth nappies and can hold on for quite a while (well, like adult level holding on I guess), so when he does pee, his nappy is soaked through straight away! So annoying! He will be 2.5 in July, and he is pretty disinterested! I look forward to reading along with how you’re going so I can see what to expect!

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