Triplet Portraits – Bits and Pieces of Modesty

This week I got Salt Studios to take newborn portraits of the triplets. It was lots of fun, there was a combination of sleeping babies, crying babies, feeding babies, piddling babies, funny face babies and ‘so cute they melt your heart’ babies.

I can’t wait to see all the final products. In the meantime, I asked the talented photographer, Andrew Coates, if he could send me a few pics from the day so I could include them in an invitation to the babies dedication next month.

Being a very obliging photographer, he did. However I had to say even though they are completely adorable, it made me gasp! Two of the three images have my children’s gender on full display! The beautiful image above was a full length shot. Completely gorgeous seeing their little chicken legs. However, the boys were able to cover their parts with strategically placed ties. Poor Missy was left completely exposed. I couldn’t help it, I’ve cropped the picture. It really doesn’t feel right to crop a professional image. I felt like I was defacing a piece of artwork. You know like putting some fig leaves over the statue of David. So, I’m thinking of asking Andrew to crop and photoshop the other images in order to keep me happy and give my kids a bit of modesty.

What do you think? Does it matter for newborns? Am I being a prude? (If so, The Accountant is also!) But don’t you agree with point one? My threesome totally melt hearts.

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  1. Total prude here as well. Honestly, I just think it’s smart. I have several family members who work in public prosecution and they see countless incidents of innocent photographs of babies and children put to disgusting uses. It’s horrific, but even worse, widely common. Even for our own family use, I try to always avoid pictures that show genitalia – you don’t need it “for the memories” and it embarrasses kids later in life. I do, however, think bums are fine and mighty cute.

  2. I’m totally with you! Because if you think about it, the baby bits are the exact same bits that will be big-kid bits and then grown-up bits later on. Same Bits. Something weird about having them on display now when they certainly will not be on display in years to come! Good thinking.

  3. I agree also. I’m also very aware of displaying my daughter’s nipples – maybe overkill?? Hubby never even liked me changing her nappy in front of people.

  4. Why did you have pictures taken of them in the nude anyway? I think it’s terrible to take portraits of babies in the nude and all the posing pictures as well.

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