Triplet Newborn Portraits

So. Now I shall skip right to a non-writing post.

In fact, I can’t believe I hadn’t done this earlier. Back when I got these photos done in November ’11, I really wanted to share them with you all. However I also wanted to give them as Christmas presents, so I decided not to share publicly so that the gift recipients would be the first to see them.

Now that Christmas is well and truly over, I’d love to share my tiny babies with you. Here they are, 5 weeks old. At the time, Missy was 2.9kg (2.1kg born), Chook was 2.7kg (2.2kg born) and Joey was 2.5kg (1.8kg born).

I’ve got lots of different photos to share, but I will share them gradually over a few posts putting them into categories. Here’s the first installment: The trio together.

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