Triplet Name Suggestions

J Boy suddenly came up with a suggestion for a name. “I think we should name one of the twipwets, ‘Pingo’.”

It just goes to show that his “thinker” is not broken despite his claims on Friday afternoon. I had arrived to pick him up from his cousin’s house and we couldn’t find his shoes. “Come on,” I said impatiently, “Think! Think where you were when you took your shoes off.”

“I can’t,” he wailed, “My thinker is broken.”

Considering his name suggestion, and his inability to comprehend why Mummy will not agree that it is not a good name, perhaps we do need a thinker upgrade.

Although admitedly, it is better than his previous name suggestions. Last time he had suggested a name for each triplet: ‘Toowoomba’, ‘Christian’ and ‘College’. (The school he will be attending next year.)

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