Triplet Name Suggestions Continue…

Yesterday I shared J Boy’s triplet name suggestion was ‘Pingo’. It just keeps getting better. He is still suggesting Pingo, but has also brought another name to the table. ‘Pingi’. Of course I expected his third name offering to be something like ‘Pingu’. But no, if anything, J Boy is not predictable. He thinks that we should have Pingo, Pingi and … ‘Sixo’.

I know???? Makes no sense. But when you are four, things don’t need to make sense.

I have decided to compromise with him. I have said that if we are naming a new dog or cat, (of which I have a desire to acquire neither), then we would consider Pingo or Pingi.  He didn’t seem to notice that I had left Sixo out of the equation.

Matching the triplet’s Christian names is not on my agenda. The other day I saw two American twins on Dr. Oz. Their names were ‘Lovey’ and ‘Dovey’. I have to say I cringed. I mean, Lovey and Dovey both seemed to be lovely women. But I’d love to (or perhaps not) know what was their mother’s logic while naming them.  Of course The Accountant and I joke about it. How about for girls, ‘Rose, Lily and Dahlia’ or boys, The Accountant’s fav. is ‘Huey, Duey and Louey’? Or we could rhyme, how about, ‘Ryan, Brian and Kyan’ or ‘Holly, Molly & Polly’?

Or what about these names registered in the top 10 of twin names submitted to the US Social Security Administration in 2010. ‘London & Paris’, ‘Heaven & Nevaeh’ (Heaven spelt backwards), ‘Mia & Mya’, ‘Caleb & Joshua’ or ‘Taylor and Tyler.’ I mean they aren’t necessarily bad names, but surely your tongue must get twisted sometimes. Especially if you are really mad…

Anyway, I should stop. Chances are if they are in the top 10 list somebody may read it who has chosen the names. Whoops, sorry, freedom of speech and all that…

The Accountant never takes name choosing seriously, if he ever picks up a book, he always reads out the most awful possible names, like Bertha or Agnes, Harold or Rommel.

Has anyone got some hilarious triplet name suggestions for us to rival J Boy’s (I know, tall order) and keep The Accountant full of quips?

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  1. Name them whatever sounds good when you yell it from the back door. Kate suggested Macca Pakka would be a lovely name when I was pregnant.

  2. OH my! I am behind. You are having triplets! I must go back and get caught up! I have gotten so behind on my blog friends lives…

    Oh, and of course my house is a wreck. But surely someone on the other side of the world who I will likely never meet in person is more important, right?

    By the way, love your background.

  3. I believe Daisy Duck’s nieces (friends to Huey, Dewey and Louie) were April, May and June.

    Well, you know… children are just like pets, so you can give them wacky, ‘cute’ names. And there’s no way they’ll hate you for it when they grow up. Nuh uh. Not at all. Maybe go for some made-up names that are a combination of yours and the accountants? Like Accountlin, Caitant and Accounait. That would be special. 😉 Ooh, or Christian, Christopher, Christina, Kristin, Crystal. Joseph, Josephine, Joelene, Jodine, Josiah. Emmett, Emily, Emma, Emmaline. (I’m giving you multiple options to cover all combinations of sexes.) Oh, the possibilities are endless.

    Failing that, just go the George Foreman option. He has 10 children. Five of them are named George. No joke – George Jr, George III, George IV, George V and George VI. Daughters are Freeda George and Georgetta (plus Natalia, Michi and Leola from a previous relationship – they got off easy, it seems). Clearly the man does not have any self-esteem issues. 😉

  4. I like “Accountlin”!

    Nah, choose names from the same sort of ballpark, but not ‘matching’.

    Gosh – will you have to have SIX names ready if you don’t find out the babies’ sexes? I’m a big fan of the delivery room surprise, but having six names chosen would be a bigger than big job! I suppose triplet pregnancies are so closely monitored that it would be hard NOT to find out if they’re boys or girls.

  5. Oh yes, you’ve given me some great suggestions. The Accountant will be delighted with the suggestions. I’m sure I won’t get a sensible suggestion out of him for weeks. We will find out the sex, Crazy Sister, so three names, with maybe a back up for either sex?

  6. I could give you some crazy name ideas Caitlin but I’m frightened you might like them.
    Like Polly, Molly, Dolly and Billy, Willy, Gilly!
    But then it could be Polly Wally & Dolly or Billy, Willy and Jilly.

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