Triplet Hot Spots

Being able motor around independently has resulted in many triplet’s developing favourite places to hang out. I’m not a play pen type of mother. I’m not even fussed on gates to keep them out of areas, although sometimes it would be useful. Of course it’s important that there are child locks on the areas that have dangerous items. But I like the whole concept of them roaming wild, and if I don’t want them somewhere I shut the door or put a new child lock on a cupboard.  I thought you might be interested in knowing the triplet hotspots.

The Family Room

We have the triplets toys positioned in baskets out in the general area at the moment along with a bouncer thing. Thankfully they like to play with their toys. (Better than T-Star who hardly played with any toy until he was about 18 months old.) So you will often see them here hanging out in a serious toy session.

The Playroom.
The babies have all their toys in baskets in the family living area. But they adore getting into the playroom and playing with big boys toys.

The babies are 9 months here. J Boy found a way to keep them from getting into his cars.

We are constantly having to do inspections and sweeps to find small toys and an assortment of items that otherwise will end up in a triplet’s mouth. Even still, we have fished a huge amount of bits and bobs out of various mouths. One time Missy was not eating her food and making weird faces after each bite and a funny little cough. I thought she didn’t like the food I was giving her. So I tried something else. Same reaction. Then she did a big vomit so I thought, she must not be eating because she’s feeling a bit sick. Miss Rachael carried her off to her bath, where she discovered Missy had consumed a tiny piece of plastic from some wrapping J Boy had opened earlier and it had stuck to the roof of her mouth. Poor little girl. And just a tad scary for us too. It’s so hard keeping every tiny bit off the floor. Especially with two older brothers who seem to drop things constantly.

This is their favourite corner of the playroom. Who knows why. Do they need a reason? The Accountant likes it because Missy has started waving goodbye from the window as he goes to work if she’s in there.

The Kitchen

A big favourite. There are some points of key interest that all three triplets in this room.

The Dishwasher

It’s very hard to unload the dishes some days. Chook. Caught in the act.
I wrote about the triplet’s dishwasher fascination, and a few days later The Accountant yelled  for help when he was trying to unload. Instead I saw this and then ran for my camera. Illustrated my point beautifully.

The Pantry
The triplets ADORE the pantry. If the door is left even a little ajar and they notice, they will all make an instant bee line to it. I keep things at their level, so they love knocking around the plastic containers of drinks, lunchboxes, cereal containers. I also keep the children’s cutlery at a level that the big boys can access it in plastic cups. This is a favourite object to knock over. If we let them, they would hang out here practically forever.

First stop was the saucepan drawer.

But since then I have allocated them their own cupboard. The Tupperware cupboard. They pull everything out with gay abandon. I no longer have “a place” for anything in that cupboard. It is strictly a chuck everything randomly back in the cupboard and quickly shut the door. Sure it’s hard to find things. But sometimes, it’s all about giving the little guys another activity. And Tupperware throwing. Apparently it’s a great activity.

The Higgledy Piggledy Tupperware Cupboard is about to be dismantled.

The Bathroom

Waiting patiently bathtime.

The babies love their own baths and once it’s over (or while they are waiting to get in) they are always keen to supervise the others. If they crawl in to watch the big boys, they sometimes end up drenched fro

m T-Star’s vigorous splashing.

The Laundry

I really can’t work out why this is a hot spot for the trio. There really doesn’t seem like much for them to do in here. (As opposed to the plenty of things to do for those of us who can actually wash, fold and iron.)

But when the babies are in the mood for a bit of clean fun, they will happily congregate in here for a comfortable half hour and have been known to remain for up to an hour. All I’ve observed them doing is looking out the glass door, (even though this isn’t the only one in the house), squeezing in between the space in between the glass door and washing machine, talking to one another, chewing pegs, crawling in circles and banging on the washing machine. (I’m told it makes a great noise.)

Cheap thrills.

The Placemats

They are kept on a low open shelf. It is a huge amount of fun to get them out and throw the placemats on the floor. Huge amount of fun. (Just try it yourself one day.)

Uh oh. We’ve been busted.

So. Do you have hotspots in your home? Where are they, and who is your hotspot occupant(s)?

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  1. I’m not sure if cats count in this discussion, but Louis is OBSESSED with my wardrobe. If I walk into my room he will come bolting at top speed from wherever he is in the house, leap onto the bed and wait for me to open the wardrobe door. Every single time. Most times he just likes to look in there and watch me put clothes away and take them out; other times he goes exploring. This happens several times a day. It’s very strange.

    1. Cats are totally relevant, because basically having triplets is pretty well like having three puppies or kittens, or kind of a mixture of both!That’s pretty funny that Louis is so obsessed with your wardrobe. He’d absolutely get along with the triplets. (Providing they didn’t pull his tail…)

  2. Oh! This is such a great post, Caitlin! Great photos, great captions and a wonderful insight into the life of a triplet. I also love how they’re always together. What great little friends they will be for each other. You’ve been blessed with a wonderful family 🙂

  3. Well I didn’t like to mention but your fathers hot spot is … now officially my TV – hmmmpf, apparently his is demonstrating burst pixels, for some reason he just isn’t into getting himself another but if he keeps turning the speakers up on mine he might need to find a pixie to administer first aid …

    1. OH NO Mum! That is such bad news! You will have to buy a set of ear muffs soon. Dad has the TV way to loud. Hope he finds a pixie to look after him before it’s too late.

    1. Hey thanks Marietjie. It’s not photography anything like your amazing work, but it’s lovely to photograph their daily life to be able to look back and remember it all one day.

  4. Hopefully won’t be too many years until they can give a hand with unpacking that dishwasher. I love seeing photos of what the triplets are up to.

    1. So happy you can make a comment now Deanne! Unpacking the dishwasher. I think they have a handle on that. Now we just need to get them to put it away where it belongs! Glad you enjoyed the photos! I enjoyed snapping them!

  5. What is it with open dishwashers?! I remember Master Z trying to climb in on several occasions when younger but I was so paranoid that the thing would break that I swiftly lifted him off! The washing machine on the other hand does make a fabulous sounding drum and I’m wondering if you might have one or more potential drummers in your house 🙂 Won’t that be fun Caitlin 😉

  6. Yes Jus. T-Star used to do it too, and I always lifted him off. I’m not as scared with the triplets because they are so light, but maybe I’m being lulled into a false sense of security. As for drummers. Lord help us if we do! Four boys: the likelihood is high…

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