Triplet Announcements

The really cool thing about being pregnant with triplets is the reactions you get when you let people know that you have three on board. Normally the first reaction is an open mouth with no sound coming out.

Then when the person realises that you are serious and that this can actually happen, they will say something incredible meaningful like, “What?”, “Are you serious?”, “Oh my goodness” and then remain in a state of shock for a little while longer before starting to plaster questions. Normally beginning with, “How are you feeling?”, (Very popular question. So far I’m feeling fine. I get tired, but nothing I can’t handle if I take it slowly at this stage), “What are you going to do?” (Um? Survive? I’m sure I will.), “Will you need a bigger car?” (Well, I think so eventually, but The Accountant has a thing about driving a van, and is resisting all talk of car upgrades. So for now we’ll remain with the new car we bought when we thought we were having twins which now will not fit a pram in, so alternate arrangements that include tow bars and little rack things at the back are being planned.), “You’re going to be busy.” (Yes! This is certainly a safe assumption.) “Was this an IVF baby?” (My feelings about this question probably deserve a post of it’s own…)

Of course I’m not trying to sound ungracious, because I could imagine that I would say things exactly like this if I had a friend/acquaintance/met a random stranger who was preggers with triplets also. I mean, you know, it is one of those things that leaves you wondering what to say. Plus, I don’t even know what to say half the time in response to people anyway, so I’m often saying to people, “Yes, so I’ll be busy.” Followed by a feeble laugh, because it even sounds to me like such a lame comment. But True. Oh, it’s going to be so true…

But anyway, as I initally said. It’s fun. I think this is definitely the announcement of a lifetime. I’ll never beat this one. When I announced it on facebook, I had 19 thumbs up and 62 comments as well as many more triplet congratulations postings on my wall. When I posted our ultrasound I had 23 thumbs up and 22 comments. It’s heartwarming that people are so excited for us.

Comments ranged from:
You’re an incredible woman, you’ll be an incredible mother’o’five! Wishing you well 🙂
Woot woo go Caitlin congratulations how exciting!!!!!!
Woah! THREE!!!!! You’ll be amazing, busy, but amazing! Lucky you’re an organised woman!
We are just so incredibly over the moon for you both and certainly always here for you both – whenever you need a hand, an ear or a drink!!! xoxox
OH MY WORD!!! That is incredible! I am thrilled for you. How are you feeling? You are an amazing woman and will do wonders with these precious gifts. Congratulations xoxo
Caitlin….now that I have picked my jaw up off the ground….I am so happy for you and Alex, what an amazing gift! Hoping it all goes well, take care of yourself and Happy Mother’s Day !!!
How incredible! Think a few years back and our issues .. God is good! So happy for you.. mother of 5!!!!!
goodnesss me how did that happen congrats 2 u and accountant
Awesome, awesome, awesome! Congratulations! xo
May the force be with you!
That isn’t triplets, that’s a litter. Hee hee, don’t hit me.
Biggest congratulations…….wow.…… You guys will be amazing……
Congrats Caitlin, that’s HUGE news!
best status ever!
Very excited for you and Alex!! What amazing news… now for a new pram… oh and at this rate make sure you both have a bus licence!! Seriously… wonderful!!!!
Serious? Wow! Congrats 🙂
Amazing! What a challenge, though. How will you do this? Is your mum moving in?

From what I’ve heard, it’s just the start of a whole heap of attention we will be receiving! What have you had fun announcing before? Have you ever had the pleasure of announcing multiples?

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  1. As far as announcements go, the strangest I’ve done is announcing a prengancy (after waiting the appropriate number of ‘safe’ weeks) and then having to notify everyone of its loss the following day.

    Way to give everyone emotional whiplash!

  2. I’m so guilty of saying silly comments to people and thinking afterwards – I’d hate if someone said that to me!!
    But I’ve def. found myself asking if multiples were IVF or natural – I know it’s totally none of my business – but with so many IVF multiples I just think there’s something extra special about natural multiples – not that your bubs are special – oh, how to say this without offending!! Anyways, not sure how to get over my need to know in this area.
    I remember announcing my engagements and saying to my bestie – So and so and I aren’t dating anymore…we’re engaged! Pretty lame – but I was only young!

  3. Oh, that’s awful Crazy Sis. Just the type of follow up announcement that you don’t want to make.

    I went back and edited my feelings about the IVF comments. What I wrote was a bit stronger than I actually felt. I understand people being curious about IVF. I wonder myself when I’m talking to Mums/Mum-To-Be’s of multiples. I just find it very awkward when it’s people I don’t know, and it’s even worse when people make me feel as though your pregnancy isn’t as valid because IVF was a part of the process…

  4. One of the best announcements ever made ….. Awww . “Hey Mum, it’s a girl! Her name is Caitlin!”

  5. I just stumbled upon your site. I love it! We are expecting twin boys any day now! We are currently 34 weeks so I am hoping they keep cooking a little longer, but with multiples you just never know. I really enjoyed the portion of your post about the comments people make when they find out your having multiples. I think the comment that surprises me the most is when complete strangers ask me if these are “natural twins”. If I know you I do not mind sharing our journey to twins with you, but for someone in Walmart to ask me that is a little out of place. I know after being pregnant with twins I definitely will be more careful about what I say and ask pregnant women. Multiples are such a blessing and no matter how they are conceived they are all natural!

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