Three Bubs in a Tub

Of course I’m always behind in sharing these pictures. Here are the 9 months photos, we’re still yet to do the 10 months pictures. We’re cutting it down to the wire with illness and our photographer going on a cruise. (Lucky girl.)

So here they are at 9 months. That darn chair is getting smaller. Say what? It’s my babies getting bigger? Nooooo!

And a little reminder of their nine month progress.

And here is the fabric shoot. Legs are getting too long to stay in the shot.

And the overview.

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  1. Wowsers they are growing I can feel sleeping through coming (for you that is I finally have it!) I have 2 beds ready for you, I will get them down to the house sooooon!

    1. I hope you are right regarding the sleeping Kylie. I’ll look forward to using the beds. So cute! (Although I’m really happy that we’re not at that stage yet. Hooray for not being able to climb out of cots!) In the meantime, we might keep them at the beach house for the cousins to sleep in since they’re running out of beds there! I’m sure you’re OK with that?

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