The Triplet's Mate

Remember in the 32nd Week of my pregnancy I shared this belly to belly photo with my friend?

My wonderful friend Mummy T was 38 weeks pregnant in this picture while I was 32 weeks.

When I went into hospital, Mummy T and I were texting like crazy, trying to co-ordinate our babies being born at the same time. Of course the babies had other ideas, mine were born first. Four days later Baby J was born.

I was in the special care nursery feeding my triplets when I received the text from Mummy T saying Baby J had arrived. I was so excited and was telling all the midwives when the midwife who had delivered the baby came in. Mummy T was still in the labour ward, just around the corner, so I was able to sneak in and say hello. Mummy T looked amazing and was sitting up with her precious bundle on her lap.

It was so special seeing a little human for the first time only minutes after he had arrived. He was absolutely gorgeous – but oh my goodness! HUGE!!! Baby J was a whopping 9lb 9oz

After feeding my little 4+lb babe, my reaction was probably incorrect.  “Wow! He’s a monster!” I exclaimed. I didn’t mean it in the horrible monster way at all, you know, like those cute little monsters, like Elmo and Abbey Cadabbey from Seasame St. But I probably won’t refer to newborns as monsters again, luckily Mummy T didn’t seem upset by my monster comment. (Sorry if you were Mummy T!)

Mummy T and Baby J came to visit us the other day. Neither of us would like to do a tummy to tummy photo again, however we would love to show off our beautiful babies. (One of mine is missing.) As you can see, I might have had the bigger tummy, but now Baby J is by far the biggest! My babies currently weigh: Joey 2.8kg, Chook 3kg, Missy 3.1kg. Baby J is 6kg!

Baby J, Joey and Missy chillaxin’

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  1. One of my nephews was born 5 weeks early (actually two of them were, as was I… seems to be a family thing). Anyway he was in special care for 3 weeks. He weighed about 2.4kg and the baby in the humidicrib next to him weighed 4.5kg. He looked like my nephew’s bouncer!

  2. That photo looks unreal! They’re all clearly newborns, so it’s not like putting a 6 month old alongside for comparison.

    Can’t believe he’s four days younger and double their weight!

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