The Triplet's Birth Story – Part2 – The Actual Births

{Read Part One of my birth story to see how the day began.} 

Walking from my room to the theatre was crazy. There were people everywhere, and they were all there for us. Once I was in the room, it was also crowded with people just for us. Today, the triplets and I were the superstars. There were comments about the dramatic weight loss program I was about to undergo. Then I Had to sit on the bed and bend over as the epidural was given. “Bending over” with three babies in my belly was hardly bending over, more like “leaning slightly forward”. Thank goodness it was obvious it was working working as my legs started to go numb.

The anaesthetist was talking to me and making sure I couldn’t feel anything. Alex came in and gave me a nervous smile, but he also looked excited. I was just scared by now.

When they started cutting it was such an odd feeling. The whole pulling and tugging and fiddling was all a bit surreal. The doctor and his attending surgeon were concentrating hard. The nurses and all surrounding were watching with great interest. As the doctors were fiddling around doing doctor things, I began to feel really sleepy. I told the anaesthetist who wasn’t phased and said it was only natural, there was a lot going on. I can remember thinking how entirely ridiculous it was that people were cutting me open and reaching into my insides, my three children were about to be born, and I just wanted to roll over and have a snooze.  Before long everyone was leaning forward in interest and the anaesthetist, who had our camera, was poised, ready to shoot the action.

I felt it as they tugged Triplet 1 free. He had been head down and was very ready to be born.  
Triplet One is born

I was disappointed because I had expected to see the baby immediately after he was born. However, straight away the doctor handed the baby straight to the nurse who quickly took him straight from the room. I can remember watching that nurse disappear, trying my best to see what my baby looked like. All I could see was the top of his tiny head.

As soon as he was out of sight, I started concentrating on what was happening with the next baby because a lot of tugging and pulling was going on there again.
When T2, my breach baby, was born, the doctor held him up ever so briefly, (as in mere seconds). Even still, it was so wonderful to see him. He was then rushed away by a nurse and once again I tried to watch him for as long as possible.
The Birth of Triplet Two

The next bit was the most uncomfortable of the whole proceedings. The epidural only had effect up to around my belly button. Unfortunately T3  had firmly wedged herself under my ribs. She was lying transverse across the width of the top of my stomach. I said that I could feel it, and instantly I was given more drugs to alleviate it. I could still feel it, so a bit more solved the situation. It was then very uncomfortable as they tugged and pulled and pushed quite strenuously. It felt like forever – well at least 10 minutes anyway.

In reality there was 3 minutes in between the first baby being born and the last. The boys were both born at 1:23pm and the little lady at 1:25pm. Later I questioned the nurses about the accuracy of the time. “I’m sure there was several minutes between the boys,” I explained, “And it was a very long time with Missy, at least 10 maybe 15 minutes is what it felt like. Are you sure the times are right?” The nurses assured me that these times would be correct. They said that everyone is automatically programmed to look at the clock immediately when the baby is born. Sure enough, when looking back at pictures of their births, I can see the nurse turning around, checking the clock. The time is the exact time recorded on their birth certificate.
Triplet Two is born. (See the nurse at the back looking at the clock?)

Finally my girl was safely in the world. Now that all three were out, Dr. K must have been more relaxed. He held Triplet 3 up say

ing, “Here she is. Hello Mummy. Hello Mummy.” As he was holding her up, he had her little hand and was waving it at me. I can’t remember why but I didn’t think it was funny. But I did like seeing my little girl.

Triplet Three enters the world.

Once the babies were born, Alex went over to where they were weighing and checking them. He said hello to all the babies and told the nurses their names. We had already decided upon the names for the babies according to where they were situated in my womb.

I was on my own as they finished whatever they were doing on my stomach. The doctor commented that my stomach muscles and had been completely separated from being stretched and that I would need physio to repair it. I was still really sleepy, so as they were busy at work and since Alex wasn’t around I succumbed and had a bit of a doze. 

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  1. You actually fell asleep! LOL, I love that.

    My girl was very high under my ribs and they were pulling and pushing me so hard I thought I’d be shoved off the table. Man, caesars can be ROUGH!

  2. awwww so sweet and such a miracle. There was also a 3 minute lapse when my third was born. He was also way up high. I can see why you felt like it was 10 minutes. It seemed like forever for me too.
    I love reading your birth story and I’m so glad you are sharing it.

  3. I just wanted you to know that there is someone on Instagram stealing the pictures from your blog and claiming them as her own. She is AmazedByTriplets. This is happening to more and more of us MoMs and I find it disturbing, so I thought I’d let you know.

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