The Triplet's 4th Birthday

The triplets are four! The occasion of the triplet’s 4th birthday and having four year old triplets signal a milestone for me! From when I was pregnant, I said to myself life would probably get easier that when the triplets turned four years old. I think it is starting to get easier, but I probably hadn’t factored in sibling rivalry and the continued challenges of negotiating three strong willed little individuals.

Nevertheless, my four year olds are absolutely adorable – in looks and personalities.

Turning four is a very exciting birthday. You are old enough to know exactly what a birthday is and have an increased attention span to look forward in advance to the big day. Therefore excitement in our household had been feverish leading up to the birthday and the party day.

I did a lot of searching to find their birthday present. I really wanted something that would last ‘beyond birthday week’. My children are very much into construction related toys, so I went hunting for something magnetic in this category.


We found “Magformers” at a delightful store called Crayons. (Not sponsored, but it was such a great toy shop, with exceptional service and I’m not the type to keep this type of knowledge to myself.) I bought all the children a box each, so now they have an impressive collection together. They have done some great playing with it. We also got them some kinetic sand. This stuff lived up to the hype! Such a great sensory experience!

They could have spent the whole day happily playing with their new toys, but we had people to see and places to be! The triplets have a regular playgroup on Wednesday mornings. It just happened that another little girl who attends also turned four on the exact same day. Her mother is an expert cake maker and she had generously made a cake divided into four themed quadrants for each child. Lucky kids! They were absolutely delighted!


Afterwards the triplets met Grandma for a special birthday lunch at Maccas. (Happy Meals are fine dining when you are four!) They also received big kid two wheelers from Grandma for their birthday. It has been amazing to see them whizzing around on their bikes with no training wheels. Their previous balance bikes really set them up to confidently ride the two wheelers. It probably took 5-15 minutes (depending on the child) for them to learn to ride with pedals! The biggest problem is that there was a picture of training wheels on the box and two of the children took a little while to make the mentally adjust to the fact that this was not to be on their own bikes. As soon as they had the courage to sit on the bike it was smooth sailing pedalling.

More big kid presents in the afternoon from Nanny. For the junior Lego. Such a great product! Easy enough for the children to put together within the limits of their concentration span, yet challenging enough to keep their interest.

My children get to choose their dinner on their birthday night. I wasn’t sure how this was going to go for the triplets. In the end, it was done quite easily. Toby requested sausages. Imogen asked for pizza. Jayden, the kid with the wicked sense of humour, wanted cake and a belly flop in a pizza. So we had salad with sausage, pizza and leftover cake from that morning. Three happy customers – even without any belly flops!

Triplets 4th Birthday Dinner

The party was on the Saturday. It was so lovely having all their little friends around. The children had all requested their cakes. I did an all nighter on Friday night icing them!!! Believe me, I was ready for bed on Saturday night! Toby had a dinosaur cake, Jayden wanted Lightening Mc Queen, happily I was able to use the decoration from earlier in the week, which was great because this was much better then the toy car I was going to put on it! Imogen had wanted a Dora cake. I was trying not panic, but when she changed her mind to a rainbow cake, I breathed a sigh of relief.

Triplet's 4th Birthday cakes

The party food went down well.

Triplets 4th Birthday Party Food

We played classic children’s party games. Stuck in the mud, egg and spoon and¬†pass the parcel. Even though these are age old games the triplets hadn’t played them before, so it was new to them!

Then of course there were presents! I know it’s a lot for parents to get three presents for one party, but we were very grateful for the lovely gifts that the children received, and days have not been boring since the birthday because they have so many new things to play with.

It seemed like the birthday that kept on going! Just when I thought it was all over, something else would arrive in the mail, like a card or these adorable costumes from their aunty.

Triplet dress up

Happy Birthday Toby, Jayden and Imogen! I am so proud of my ‘big kid triplets’!

How did your child go transferring to a two wheeler bike? What toys are popular in your house right now? (I’ll be listening carefully – Christmas is coming and I need some ideas!) Have you heard of magformers before?


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  1. I’m so very impressed that each child got a cake (and pretty impressive cakes at that).

    I’m also so very impressed that your four year olds are riding big bikes! We’ve put that in the two hard basket for now as we can’t even convince my four year old to ride a scooter.

    Happy Birthday Imogen, Jayden and Toby! Birthdays are always a little bit bittersweet our baby boy. You want them to grow up but you realise that there are no more squisy babies to cuddle.

    1. Bikes are fun, but there’s got to be some self motivation. I’m sure your child will get interested when they are ready at the right time.

  2. Hold the phone, Caitlin. Hold the phone! You made three birthday cakes??? Not only did you make three cakes, but they all looked absolutely amazing. I’m in shock! How long did that take you??!!! Good on you. That’s awesome the kids loved their bikes. Miss Three was given a balance bike for her second birthday and has used it maybe twice. She says it’s scary. We might have to go down the training wheels root which is what our eldest had. Your triplets are so cute. I’m glad they had a wonderful birthday. #teamIBOT

    1. Hahaha Renee! I ready your blog post about Clifford, who looked amazing by the way!, and luckily for me I really do enjoy making cakes! Also, I had set the precedent because the triplet’s older brothers get to choose a cake. Last year I chose for them and they were still thrilled, but this year, they naturally made requests like the big boys. And, I do not tell a lie. It literally took all night! I had made the actual cake in advance. It was 8:30 before the big boys were in bed and I got started icing and decorating. I finished at 5:30am and went to sleep until 10:30am. It was quite fitting really. Back in the early days I used to average 4 hours sleep a night when the triplets were newborns. This sleep was much better though, it was uninterrupted.

    2. And secondly, what a shame Miss 3 doesn’t like her balance bike! They are sooo good, but I guess if she won’t get on it, training wheels are going to work better for her. Have you put the seat down as low as it can go? Has she ever seen other kids with them? Miss Im was more reluctant than the boys, but she just kept watching them and then would cautiously experiment until she built up her confidence. She was the second one to ride with pedals even though she was the loudest protester about the training wheel non-inclusion.

  3. We love kinetic sand here too {even though bub is only 2}. How amazing are you making 3 cakes! I outsourced bub’s first birthday cake and I just made cupcakes for her 2nd birthday because we just did a family bbq. Happy birthday to the triplets! {even though I’m a few days late}

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