The Scarecrow's Wedding

Julia Donaldson has done it again! The Scarecrow’s Wife is another book that she has written that has a compelling and captivating storyline for children. We have enjoyed reading her newest book, The Scarecrow’s Wife, which arrived on our doorstep with impeccable timing during the lead up to my sister’s wedding.

My children were in wedding mode because we had been talking about Aunty Julienne and Uncle Matt’s upcoming wedding at the time, so the Scarecrow’s Wife slotted right into wondering about what happens at a wedding. We did need to explain that even though Aunty Julienne was having a wedding on a farm, there were not going to be scarecrows there. (I don’t think my children would have been surprised if their attendants were a host of scarecrows.) When the cousins had come over for a sleepover, (my sister also has five children), The Scarecrow’s Wedding was warmly accepted as an excellent bedtime story by my nieces and nephews and more wedding speculation continued.

Kids Reading The Scarecrows Wedding by Julia Donaldson and Axel Scheffer

My kids also loved the appearance of a tractor during the story, (machinery is one of my kids favourite aspects of farming),

and were likewise disappointed that Aunty Julienne was not going to be delivered to Uncle Matt on a tractor, which they thought was a stellar idea. Mind you, the wagon and Clydesdale horses were pretty impressive on the day!

A Country Wedding
One of the reasons The Scarecrow’s Wedding is such an appealing book for children is the beautiful rhyme and rhythm (often repetitive phrases) that Julia Donaldson is renowned for. (“Let’s have a wedding, the best wedding yet, A wedding that no one will ever forget.”)
It’s the tale of two simple scarecrows that fall in love. After Harry O’Hay’s successful proposal to Betty O’Barley the two construct a list of what will be necessary for their wedding. They tick of each item, but while Harry is absent searching for the last item on the list the farmer makes a new scarecrow, Reginald Rake, who makes moves on Betty. He ends up putting her life in peril and Harry comes back, saves the day and they have the best wedding yet, and I think it is fair to assume that no one forgot it.

The Scarecrows Wedding being read by cousins

I would love to have a photo to show you of the nieces and nephews with their Aunty at the wedding, but I’m afraid we will have to wait for the family photos to come back from the official photographer. Unfortunately, I don’t have high hopes for them. My children were not interested in looking at the camera during the quick family photo we had taken! It was far too busy a day to get other photos and unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of my own kids before they were grubby, and then I didn’t get any family photo with Alex and I and the kids. Sniff, sniff.

It was however a wonderful day, and just quietly, I think the bride and groom would say it surpassed even Harry and Betty’s special day.

Have your children gone to or been involved in a wedding before? 

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*This book was given to me from Scholastic Australia for the purpose of review. All opinions are my own.

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  1. Sounds like the perfect book for your kids! I just love Julia Donaldson. I’ll have to check this one out. My little girl was a flower girl for my brother when she was three. She absolutely loved it. She calls her flower girl dress her marriage dress. She wants to wear it all of the time 🙂

  2. Immy calls the dress she wore to the wedding her wedding dress! I love that your cherub calls it a marriage dress – a marriage is what it’s all about after all, not a wedding! If your daughter loved the wedding, I’m fairly certain she’ll love this book too – especially considering what a book lover she is!

  3. Oh, we love Julia Donaldson’s books! And this one sounds like it’s a beauty! What a great day for the family! Horses and everything! Lots of excitement, I bet! 🙂

  4. Caitlin, I think it was easier to handle two children at any wedding we attended years ago rather than 5! 🙂 How on earth did you cope with having an extra five children stay overnight? You must have nerves of steel 😄

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