The Mummy Tummy of a Yummy Mummy – Or – How to Hide your Mummy Tummy

For many of us, we are anxious to show off our beautiful belly while we are pregnant and then the moment the baby is out all we want to do is hide that very same belly. In reality, the belly is still beautiful, for within it beautiful life blossomed and grew safely until the time when that precious baby could join us on the outside world and continue to grow and blossom. As beautiful as that tummy is and what it represents, it often just doesn’t look the best in clothes! However the Mummy Tummy can be cleverly disguised by wearing the appropriate clothes that will make us feel sophisticated and confident Yummy Mummies.

After my post sharing about the complexities of the Post-Triplet Tummy, I thought I might share some fashion tips on how to flatter post-pregnant stomachs in the hope that it may interest other women who struggle with the mummy tummy.

To help me do it, I thought I would learn from my friend B’s tips on how to use polyvore. If you want to look at some gorgeous styling, check out B’s Bbeingcool blog.

What fun I had in Polyvore! If you indulge me, I may just dip my toes in the world of fashion blogging a little more regularly! It’s so nice to put outfits together when you don’t have to pay attention to the price tag! Click onto my polyvore site if you want to find any of the stockists. If the Accountant didn’t check the bank statements so carefully I could be very naughty with some of these little gems!

Underneath each collection below, I’ll explain why the outfit flatters the mummy tummy. These are all outfits I would wear. I was very particular when I put these together that they were, right down to the right sized heel. (I was very tempted to wear ridiculous heels with the playgroup outfit, they suited it so much, but I restrained myself to what I would actually be more likely to wear!)

A Quick Trip to the Shops Before School Pick Up

A nice light summery dress is fun to wear. Make sure it is loose around the waist so it will not attract attention to your post pregnant belly.

Meeting the Girls at a Cafe

Meeting the Girls at a Cafe by c-happyheart featuring slip on flats

I have a very similar blouse to this in black with white polka dots. I wear it all the time. Blouses are your mummy tummies friend. I mean it. T-shirts cling to your rolls. They will often show all the wrong curves. Blouses are a far more flattering option, falling loosely over the unwanted fat that you are yet to work on. Also skinny jeans are great for making you appear slim. Don’t think you have to be skinny to wear them, but do make sure you cover and disguise any muffin tops.

Untitled #3
OK, so wearing a dress isn’t everyone’s favoured item of clothing to wear to playgroup. But I do wear dresses when I feel like it. Providing they aren’t too short, you can still comfortably sit modestly on the floor with children, and truly, dresses are very comfortable. This particular dress would be great for a Mummy Tummy, providing you don’t buy a size too small. Stretchy fabrics help make the fit comfortable, giving room when necessary. This dress doesn’t have a tight waist, which is essential and the darker colour and heavier fabric will draw your eye away from your abdomen, or lack thereof. Another trick is to wear scarves. When they fall in front of your mummy tummy they distract the eye drawing it up to your face. Since I’m not American, I wouldn’t normally wear something so obviously Yankee, but I just really liked these boots and thought they looked really fun! 

Off to Parent/Teacher Interviews

This outfit is all class, because when you sit down to talk about your child’s progress, you really want to appear poised and in control. (Even if it’s only to get you to the end so you can cry in the car. Not that I’ve ever done that. Ahem.) I adore this outfit. It oozes sophistication. Just because you have a Mummy Tummy doesn’t mean you can’t look elegant. I find trousers very flattering, and once again a loose flowing blouse will help cover up any unsightly bits.

A Hot Date With Daddy

There’s nothing like getting dressed up to go out, especially when you have been stuck with the kids for what seems like forever and feel rather drab.  Black is an extremely flattering colour when you are trying accentuate your best assets and disguise the bits you aren’t thrilled about. A LBD (Little Black Dress) is essential for every woman’s wardrobe, and for a post pregnant tummy it is a winner. The best part of the LBD is that you can dress it up a zillion different ways using any type of accessories and colour. In this collection I have kept it simple and classy with black, white and pearls. (I couldn’t resist throwing in a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes! A dream of mineā€¦ I also had to add red lippy. The Accountant loves red lipstick – and red nails but I thought that a subtle shade would be more classy with this outfit. My husband also adores a nice perfume. Chanel’s Allure is my absolute favourite at the moment.
Super Mum

These superman earrings caught my eye because I knew my four year old would be so proud of me wearing them. I did a search and found I could indeed be a very super mummy! This shirt would be flattering for the mummy tummy also because it’s that little bit looser which always helps the fabric glide over the chubby bits. And aren’t the Converse fun? Sure enough, as I was finishing off this collection, Trent walked past. It immediately caught his eye and he asked what the shirt was. I told him it was a Mummy shirt and he proclaimed, “That’s so impressive Mum.” He asked if I were buying it, because he thought it would be fun if I could wear it and then he would wear his superman shirt and we could play together! I said I wasn’t buying it and he went on his way, only to reappear a few minutes later and proclaim in all seriousness. “Mummy, you should do some jobs to save up for that shirt. You should go and clean your room, because it’s very messy so you should get a lot of money for cleaning it.” He has got a point. My room is atrocious. I wonder if I could strike an agreement with The Accountant?

So tell me, which of the above outfits would be your favourite to wear and hide a Mummy Tummy?

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  1. GREAT tips!! I’m sure that my abs will never be the same again (although I do confess that I haven’t even attempted to put the work in to rectify them!). And I particularly love that red dress, its gorgeous!!

  2. It really is, isn’t it? Yes, I might be able to somewhat improve the current state of my abs, but it’s safe to say they will never be the same!

  3. Oh I love all these outfits! I especially like the parent teacher interview one and the superman jumper! Bit cute!

  4. I love that red dress!!! Where can I buy it from?
    I need some serious style help at the moment. I’m not good with skinny jeans at all because I always feel lumpy and frumpy. In fact I feel lumpy and frumpy most of the time. It’s quite depressing really.

  5. I love the first dress, love the bright colours which would make me feel good at the start of the day.

  6. In about 5 weeks I will need all the help I can get to hide my tummy! #5 will be born and I will be flabby as! My style is def the last one, unfortunately its the style I would use for most of the other occasions too! I am a bit daggy! #teamIBOT

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