The Happy Heart of a Sweet Tooth

It was birthday recently. This is what my sister gave me.

All homemade. Vanilla fudge. Chocolate fudge. Pistachio Fudge. My childhood favourite, Russian Caramel.

WORST present EVER.

I have no willpower.

They are YUM. They are DELECTABLE. They are HEAVENLY.
I am on a SUGAR HIGH.

If she weren’t 2 sizes smaller than me I would suspect sinister motives. Like she was trying to steal my wardrobe. (Sorry, not steal. Just long term loan.) A sister would do that.

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  1. Um, you didn’t notice there was actually two jars, the other one is almost empty! Yesterday I had 5 pieces of fudge! Today I’ve only had one, but don’t think I’m good, I’ve had 3 tim tams. (Why didn’t you take those home with you?)

  2. What a great present! My family does a “gift from the heart” for Christmas. That means everyone brings homemade gifts and we do an exchange. There are no rules about the gift, other than it must be made by the giver. It is so fun. We all moan and complain that we have no idea what to make, but we get everything from homemade fudge to sock monkeys to awesome candle holders made from old cedar fence posts!

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