The Duck Song

You know those kids songs that get stuck into your head? The Duck Song is totally one of those tunes. If you click on the link, you will also see it’s a highly amusing You Tube clip that has become a You Tube sensation despite the simplicity of its quirky graphics. Well, I think it’s amusing, I’m sure there are some that may disagree.

My sister-in-law first introduced it to me during the 2012 Christmas holidays. She was incredulous that I didn’t know of the existence of The Duck Song before that. When I saw that even my less then tech savvy father had The Duck Song on his iPad, I concluded that indeed, the whole world must know about The Duck Song.

When looking through the books to review from Scholastic, I was excited to see that The Duck Song has now been made into a book! I’m not sure why it excited me, maybe because I have a firm opinion that books are always better than the film. Although, admittedly, in this particular case, it’s a bit hard for a book to be as brilliant as the You Tube Clip. However, it is a bit of fun to have it as a book as well.

The book comes with a CD so we instantly played it. The triplets have a fondness for ducks, thanks to their rubber duckies, so they loved pointing to a duck every page! My kids aren’t the types to go around singing songs repeatedly, so beware if your kids are the type. It is a ditty that is easy to sing over and over and over again. I know, because I was singing it over and over and over again for the rest of the day and my kids were begging me to stop it. Ah, the fun of being an immature adult!

It did turn out to be a useful teaching tool too. I had discovered, (thanks to cousins that go to the same school as Jonty and dob on him) that Jonty has been a bit silly and annoying to other kids during lunchtimes. We were able to talk about why the duck didn’t do anything wrong, but he was being annoying. We also talked about when people are annoying back to us, it’s better to be compassionate like the man was in the end rather than being mean to others.

So, are you familiar with The Duck Song?

(Oh, and for your viewing pleasure. The Duck Song has sequels if you care to investigate. The Scholastic book has the sequels on the CD, but not the pictures.)

So all there is left to say, is that I’m blogging with Essentially Jess today


“Hey! Got any grapes?”

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  1. I think it was Dad who introduced your sister to the Duck Song – I know the pocket rocket was in the car when we found it and I thought perhaps Jonty was as well. We all love the Duck Song.

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