The Beauty of Christmas

I am a big fan of Christmas. BIG. FAN.

Christmas 2010 was no disappointment. I’ll fill you in on the details soon, however I thought I’d have a little moment of reflection on Christmas.

Being a devoted follower of Jesus, the religious significance is the most important aspect of Christmas for me. As a Christian the arrival of Jesus on earth is central to my core beliefs. We were created by God but it was through the sacrifice made by Jesus that we have been able to enter into a relationship with God. This is the beauty of Christianity. To have a relationship with the God who created the universe is no small thing. It means that throughout the day I can constantly have chats with God. You don’t know how many times the big guy upstairs has helped me find my keys, or gives me unreal carparks. When I’m in the middle of all the Mummy moments that happen during the day, I am having a dialogue with God. The Holy Spirit pops little gems of wisdom into my mind constantly. It’s awesome. Having Him as my Father, most certainly makes me a better mother. Not to mention a better wife. Not mention a better person.

So why not celebrate the day he arrived on earth? After all that was the event that started the ball rolling so that eventually the tomb rolling would happen.

I am often in awe that so many of those who don’t acknowledge Jesus experience so many elements of Christian principles as they celebrate Christmas. When Jesus is the basis of a celebration it’s no wonder that words like “Love”, “Peace”, “Hope” and “Joy” are associated with Christmas. Actions such as generosity are widespread.  Family and friends are cherished. Laughter, smiles and high spirits abound. It’s a time when the teachings of the Bible are demonstrated throughout the world.

The angels said it well on that first Christmas. “Glory to God.” 

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