Style It Project: Lee Cooper Spotted Chambray Shirt

I recently purchased a Lee Cooper Spotted Chambray Shirt from Big W to join in the Style It Project hosted by Kimba Likes and Redcliffe Style. I saw Kimba in her shirt as I flicked through my Instagram feed one morning and thought the project sounded fun. I was instantly inspired to style my own after seeing my good friend from B Being Cool working the chambray! So I was in! (And was down at the shops as soon as my children stopped vomitting!)
I love dabbling in a little bit of fashion blogging. Shopping for clothes has been a favourite activity of mine for as long as I can remember. I may not be a high budget fashionista but I do enjoy putting clothes together and looking as best I can. This Big W shirt was a bargain at $25. I’m loving how very comfy it is, plus polka dots are always a win for me! I went for a pattern clash, pairing it with a fresh lemon and black print scarf I bought on sale recently from Jacquie E. My earrings are a throwback to the 90’s. A present from The Accountant early in our marriage. The Euro Ball might not be in still, but I do love these, especially since they come from Hogans, my favourite jewellery store in Toowoomba. The pants are current season from Katies. My winter wardrobe is needing a bit of a refresh as the cooler weather is arriving. I know I’m going to wear this chambray shirt frequently over the next few months. I actually love shirts because they skim over the lumpy bits I don’t want on display right now!

After I had bought my shirt I discovered a little pair of girls polka dot jeans also at Big W for only $17. They matched the Lee Cooper shirt so well, I just had to get them. I realised that I always thought I’d be the type of Mummy who did matchy matchy on the odd occasion with her little girl, yet this is the first time we’ve done it! When I showed the jeans to Immy, her face just lit up. She’s a girl after my own heart and also loves herself a bit of polka dot too. She calls them “my spotties”. I couldn’t resist adding some photos of my cutie pie and I wearing our spotties. I changed the scarf to match Immy’s pink shirt. She’s pulling off a bit of stylish pattern clashing herself with her geo vs. spots!

Are you polka-dot fan?  Have you been needing to update your wardrobe as the cooler weather arrives?
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  1. I love how you’ve styled it. See you can be a mummy and not look mumsy. You are proof. I have to do my Style It Project post on my Styled by Bec blog. I just find that I’m lacking time to devote to both blogs. x

    1. Huge compliment right there, thanks so much Bec! Not that I mind being mumsy, because I’m proud to be a Mum, but I certainly don’t want to look dowdy Mumsy! I could imagine it would be a real challenge with two blogs. I’m barely keeping up with one!

  2. I love the scarf you’ve teamed it with. I’ve ummed and ahhed about this shirt myself. Even found the last one in my sz at my local Big W but I’m not convinced I can pull the look off.

    1. I understand, it does look a tad country. It’s something I’m wary of, especially since I do live ‘in the country’. It’s easier for a city kid to pull off a country chic look. Out in the regional areas, not so much.

  3. My goodness, way too cute! In a way, I’m glad that I have a little boy. Can you imagine the state of my girl’s wardrobe?! Best not to!

    Mind you, Boyo and I often used to leave the house dressed in similar outfits without me even realising!

    Thanks so much for playing along with us! x

    1. Thanks so much Kimba! Ha Ha! A little girl would be dangerous for you!! I tell you, girls have the cutest things. There was actually a Lee Cooper size 2 white lace blouse. I almost died, but in a remarkable display of self control put it back on the shelf. I kind of regret that move.

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