Square Eyes

Square Eyes by Craig Smith

Square Eyes is a great little book extolling the virtues of doing a host of screen free activities, getting outdoors, exercising and enjoying life.

It’s all about a panda and his friends who sit inside on the couch all day, glued to the TV screen or multi-screening with tablets, so in a fun song, (CD included with the book), singer/songwriter Craig Smith encourages them to get up, get outdoors and exercise!

Square Eyes Craig Smith, Scott Tulloch

Craig Smith is of The Wonky Donkey and My Daddy Ate An Apple. This book has his trademark funny lyrics with a slightly ‘naughty’ edge. (Although I suspect my children may say that more toilet humour could have been applied in this particular book compared to others. I’m OK with the lack of toilet humour this time.) Teamed with the delightfully funny illustrations by Scott Tulloch, this really was a book that my children enjoyed.

Mind you, in the first few pages, my children got far too excited that the Panda and his friends were watching TV and playing on a phone. We work hard at reducing the amount of screen time our children experience. It’s fun to do in moderation, but we find that if a child is around a screen too much it not only makes them more lethargic, it also negatively effects their behaviour. Of course research has shown there are numerous reasons to limit a child’s daily screen use. It’s been so good to find a fun children’s book that endorses this message. To be truthful, my kids are not supportive of my reduced screen campaign, so they did approach this book with skepticism. The illustrations really did win them around along with the catchy little tune though.

I love the last page of the book. I think all parents would agree that it depicts one of best spin offs of active screen free children!

Square Eyes

Tired, sleeping kids!!!


*This book was gifted to me by Scholastic Australia.

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  1. This seems like a very needed book in nearly ALL households. Screen time is a major parenting issue in this day and age. Great to see a book is encouraging kids to step away from the screen. I wonder if it will actually get inside their little brains and have the desired effect? x

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