Spray Painting Sand

I have a whole heap of photos that have been waiting to be blogged. You can tell by the clothing that this was a few months back, (May) but it was such a great activity that I thought I should share it now.

The activity was Sand Spray Painting.

Very easy. Fill spray bottle with water, add food colouring and let the children squirt the sand or sandcastles with colour. My boys were happily occupied with this activity for hours. I can’t tell you a good ratio or food colouring:water because I think I may have added too much because my kids hands were coloured for a few days, although the faulty spray bottles are probably more so the culprits for this.

So here are the pictures of my boys hard at play.

Oh, and our dog has a hot tip for you if you do this activity. Put the spray bottles safely away so the children cannot have unsupervised play with them the next day.

Watering the sand so it was wet enough to build sandcastles.
Great concentration to fill the bucket to the very top.
The spray painters hard at work.

The yellow didn’t really show up very well. T-Star didn’t care.
T-Star soon decided (much to his brother’s chagrin) that jumping on sandcastles is just as much fun as spraying them.
Squashed sandcastle.

Hours of fun.
The poor dog the next day. Thanks T-Star.

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