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I have recently been introduced to a new web community: Karimums. If you like connecting with other mother’s with young children who are a similar age to yours, you may want to check it out. And there are some very sweet pictures that proud Mum’s have posted of little kiddies there too! Plus there is the opportunity to connect with dietitians, a midwife and experienced mothers.

Below is some information from their website about the nutrients you need during pregnancy which may interest you. I certainly didn’t know these facts. When I was pregnant with the triplets, I knew that what I was eating was really important in getting the babies as big and healthy as possible before they arrived. Thankfully it seemed to work as they were all great weights for being four weeks premature. But my goodness, reading through this makes me realise how important it is that you are eating for two (or more!) while you are pregnant, even if you aren’t supposed to necessarily eat the quantity for two.
Mums-to-be, are you getting the nutrients you need? Statistics by Karimums

[Source: Karimums. Real mums. Real expertise. Real support.]

What stories can you tell me of eating while pregnant? Feel free to share your current stories if you are pregnant, stories if you have been pregnant, or share another person’s story of when they were pregnant! Did you eat well? 

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