"Something You Wore" – Photo a Day Challenge

You know how you are always told to have your bags packed so you are ready to go to hospital if the baby comes early? I always had a problem with that. Like most women, I need some (ahem) time before I fit back into regular clothes. So I need to wear maternity clothes after the baby was born, and I didn’t have enough to pack them and seal the suitcase. Hanging the clothes on a hook on the back of my door that I wanted to wear at the hospital became my solution. That way, when it was time to leave, I could grab what I needed and throw them in my suitcase. And if I wasn’t in labour that I could select what I needed to wear without it having folded crease marks on it.

I’m in the process of getting rid of maternity clothes. It’s a little bittersweet. It’s exciting that I can now retrieve a good portion of my wardrobe space. It’s a relief to farewell the items that made me feel daggy or frumpy. But there are some clothes that I really loved, and generally I don’t throw out clothes I love. And there are items of clothes like this shirt, that not only did I love, but there are beautiful memories of times while I had a human(s) growing within attached.

This shirt always makes me think of this picture. It was 7:00pm. J Boy was saying goodnight to me and his unborn brother. (Excuse the bad hair day…)

A few hours later at 4:01am, T-Star made his entry to the world.

I didn’t get to wear this shirt during my pregnancy with the triplets. By the time the weather warmed up sufficiently it couldn’t cover my tummy!

Maternity clothes – love, hate, or a bit of both?
How soon did you pack your maternity bags, and did you have difficulties with needing to wear the clothes that were packed?

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  1. There are no maternity clothes in the shops at the moment, so I’m in the same position. I just hope I have time (or the mind to think) to grab some when labour starts! Some maternity clothes are very comfy but I’m finding shorts & skirts to be uncomfortable – leaving only dresses, which are too short and needing leggings under which defeats the purpose! Ah well, not long to go!

  2. I didn’t mind maternity clothes-new wardrobe!!
    What I do mind is that I’m still wearing them! My daughter will 8 months old next Monday. It’s time to sort out the baby weight 🙂

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