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OK, for those who are following the actual challenge at Fat Mum Slim, you will know that yesterday I got a bit mixed up. (Baby Brain!) But never mind, this is yesterday’s picture today!

Now, I bet you are thinking this is a picture of the triplets. But, you are mistaken. They are somones I adore, not something. So the next best thing that I have complete adoration of during this period our lives are the things that keep them gainfully occupied.

The electric swing. You are our solace and comfort, slowly lulling the babies to sleep with your rythmic rocking. It doesn’t matter that you are second hand. They sleep in peace, I issue a sigh of relief and with my aching arms free of babies, I rush around doing whatever I can until the next feed arrives. (Hoping they aren’t awoken too soon by a pain in the tummy.)

We have three swings. The third swing rocks back and forth instead of side to side and is shunned. Hated by all, it just doesn’t make the cut. Rather a shame I thought. It’s a very pretty piece of machinery. But the triplets pay no heed to aesthetics.

So, my third most used piece of equipment currently is a rocker, passed to me by sister. It has held her 5 children as babies, and is battered and worn and the ‘bed’ has sunk. The triplets love it. They feel enclosed and although it’s not as good as the swing, the triplet who has missed out, will normally settle in here. Definitely not their cot. For some reason they all reject the cot during the daytime.

Lastly, there is the play gym. This is a new favourite. Upon reaching the 12 week mark this week, wake time is on the agenda a bit more, and the triplets are enjoying staring at the mesmerising toys hanging from this contraption. They are starting to smile and coo at them. I love it when this interaction starts.

And just to show you why I adore my little someones on the adorable somethings, here’s another photo.

What baby paraphanalia did you consider invaluable for newborns?

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  1. oh look at that adorable grin!

    Might be an odd question, but Do they spend alot of time together?

    We loved our baby swing (courtesy of my sister) but did without it for the 3rd and 4th as its motor died!

    The replacement was a bouncer that vibrates, and it seemed to do the trick to calm Mr P! He didn’t like his cot during the day either

  2. You really want to know? It’s weird … a chock!

    It’s a light block of wood that I keep in the boot of my car and when I have a trolley full of groceries, a toddler and a baby in a slopey carpark (Woollies@ the Range, KMart, etc … carparks on slopes are everywhere, grr!) I put the chock under the trolley wheels and can unload babies and kids and groceries without the darn trolley rolling away from me.

    Simple, but I love it.

  3. I’d have to say the disposable nappies I used for road trips! Cloth nappies on a car or train trip from Mt Isa to Toowoomba were a bit of a stinky problem and my husband often threw them out – ouch how expensive! Used cloth nappies the rest of the time though and can’t say I adored them!

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