Snail and Turtle are Friends

Last night Toby and Jayden and I read a really cute little story, “Snail and Turtle are Friends”.

Snail and Turtle are friends and love to spend time together. They like to run, walk and enjoy being quiet together. Snail and Turtle like hiding, but never from each other.

It is such a sweet book about friendship. I loved how it showed that Snail and Turtle liked being quiet together. Not everyone wants to spend time ‘doing’ stuff together all the time. It’s nice for children to know it’s OK to just enjoy being together sometimes. I would imagine this would be a particularly good book for children who are a little introverted. In fact, it could be a good conversation starter for extroverted children to understand how different people need different things.
Award-winning author and illustrator Stephen Michael King has written the story and illustrated it delightful. I love the page where snail and turtle ‘run’, you can see they both don’t get very far! The boys loved seeing them in their shells and searching for them when Snail and Turtle hid. I hadn’t realised that Mutt Dog was Stephen Michael King’s book also, it is one of my kids favourite books to borrow from the library. Other publications include The Magnificent Tree, Henry and Amy, The Man Who Loved Boxes and Pocket Dogs.

Poor little Immy missed out on the story. After almost falling to sleep at dinner, she crashed as soon as her head hit the pillow. At 2am we discovered why when she started vomitting. Jayden soon followed, so far Toby is holding out strong. Fingers crossed it doesn’t spread, but with multiples it normally does. I’m feeling a bit quesy myself so we’re having a nice quiet day today. Potty training will be suspended until further notice, especially since I took Jayden’s nappy off this morning and then he had diarrhoea. Ick. (I’ll update you on Potty Training Week 2 tomorrow, OK?)
So, do you have extrovert or introverted children? I’d say Trent and Jayden are definitely extroverts. Toby and Jonty are most likely to be introverts. (Although they aren’t shy, as some introverts can be. They just like spending time on their own.) I’m not sure about Immy, she swings with however she is feeling! She can be such a show-off at times, but she does often play on her own, but sometimes I’m not sure if it’s because she doesn’t have the ‘identical bond’ that the other two triplets have. Isn’t it interesting watching children’s character and personalities develop?

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* I was gifted this book from Scholastic. All opinions are my own. Scholastic gives me several books each month, it is my pleasure to choose my favourites to review, I love sharing about books!

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  1. It sounds like a great book. I have one definitely introverted, (that I can tell), and two that I think might be extroverted. Not sure of the youngest one. It’s one of those things we will see as we go along I think.
    Hope everyone is feeling so much better now, and you haven’t succumbed to the lurgy xxx

  2. Oh poor Immy. I hope the vomiting doesn’t spread. I have an introverted three year old, so this book sounds like a lovely one for her. I agree though that it would be good for extroverts to read to try to understand us introverts a little better 🙂

  3. Sounds like a lovely book – sorry to hear that the dreaded lurgi is in your house – definitely put the potty training on hold for the duration!

    I have on introvert and one extravert – chalk and cheese – yet they are the best of friends. They didn’t talk/get on much for a few years (from around 10 – 15) but they are close again now (at 17 & 20) and have been for a couple of years now 🙂 which delights my mother’s heart!

    Visiting today from #teamIBOT xxx

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