Pre-Triplet Nesting Instinct – But Oh Dear, I Hate Organising.

I’m very happy to report that for me the nesting instinct has kicked in early during this pregnancy with triplets. With the other two pregnancy’s I’ve always had a huge list of what I want to get done, but I rarely get motivated until towards the end. (Which may have nothing to do with nesting, but rather my inclination to procrastinate and tendency to perform best before a deadline.) I guess I know in the back of my mind that the chances of getting anything done towards the end will be just wishful thinking.

I’ve been noticing as I browse through random housewives blogs that there is a often a theme. It seems that the average, (although I’m desperately hoping it’s not the average, because it makes me look bad), housewife domestic engineer is enthusiastic to proclaim her love of organising. She will have a wonderful selection of ‘before’ pictures of her already tidy cupboards and house and then ‘after’ pictures where minor improvements have been made, which really do make it look better. Now don’t get me wrong. I am in awe of these women, they astound and amaze me. I even subscribe to some of their blogs in the hope that something will rub off on me. (If it were only that easy, but sometimes I do pick up a good idea or two.) I love looking at their pictures, it’s like a fantasy land for me.

As inspired as I am after visiting a tidy persons home (real or virtual), the reality remains.

I want a clean house. I hate housework.
I want to be organised. I hate organising.

There is no buzz for me while I’m cleaning or organsing things. I can remember The Accountant’s Grandma being absolutely astonished once when I shared my strong dislike for housework. Listening to her talk gave me a glimpse of why her house was always immaculate. She was passionate about housework and sincerely enjoyed it, even loved it! She is the type of woman I will never be, but will always wish to become by some miraculous transformation! Of course when the task is complete there’s the buzz of satisfaction, so I’ll share with you some of my recent efforts. But the process of getting there. Ugh.

The first jobs I have been tackling has been my cupboards. They have been steadily getting more disorganised, and really needed attention. Because the desire to clean struck me so suddenly I don’t have before pictures, which probably saves me a bit of embarrasment anyway. However, if you look at my ‘after’ picture of our wardrobe, I’d say it would look like a ‘before’ shot. That’s because you didn’t see before where the floor was so cluttered that you could hardly walk in safely.

Hopefully this will be just stage one of walk-in-robe organisation. I’ve got to sort the shelves. Of course I have a dilemma here. To make it look asethetically pleasing I think I need to get rid of clothes so they look pretty in a single stack, but I don’t want to. Plus I don’t think my clothes would ever look particularly pretty on the shelves. I mean how do you make a stack of shorts look good? The next move would be cane baskets. Still, I don’t think I’ll get as much storage space. Plus, finding the right sized baskets is incredibly hard! Ah. Dilemma’s. Feel free to offer suggestions if you are a domestic goddess.

What I am proud of is the re-organisation of shoes. This shoe rack used to be in the garage, however, the lower shelf never seemed to get used and shoes tended to pile up everywhere. I had been storing my shoes in their boxes. Which should work well, except I rarely put them back in the boxes and was more likely to have a pile of shoes on the floor. Now, I just have my boots in boxes, as they tend to get dusty, and don’t fit on the shelf anyway.

And this is our new alternative in the garage. The Shoe Shelf. Cheapest book shelf we could find. Much easier to shove shoes in there. I like that we used some excess carpet as well. That way our tootsies don’t get cold when we pad out onto the cement to retrieve our shoes.

I’ve sorted the playroom cupboard as well. But even the memory of the experience is exhausting me, so I’ll share that some other day. Plus, true to form, there is housework that needs to be done. The floor is in need of a mop and I have my book club meeting here tonight. I really need to stop procrastinating, otherwise I’m going to disgrace myself by the time they arrive!

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  1. For me, the enjoyment of getting stuck into housework comes and goes. I occasionally enjoy it. Often I really, really DON’T.

    So my house changes tidyness levels on a cycle, not unlike the seasons or tides.

    Solomon himself said, “There’s a time for sterile perfection, and a time for unhygenic slumminess.”

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