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Pitchi is a cool new online video selling platform, designed to help people sell and buy online. I have recently been introduced to this website and I thought it was worthwhile sharing with you, especially in the lead up to Christmas. It is an innovative way for people to buy and sell products. What I loved as I watched the videos is that they were short and punchy being only a minute long each, so I didn’t feel like I was wasting heaps of time looking at things I may not buy, but if there were products that piqued my interest, I could keep examining them further at my leisure on the product’s website.
Pitchi is a new method to look for really unique products without having to trawl through crowded markets or search through elusive boutiques. I loved how it felt more personal. You got to see the person behind the product, and I found that very engaging, because after all, that personal feel is often missing when you shop online.
Take for instance this pitchi for a funky wooden Christmas tree. I now have an image of this family who created the Christmas tree. It’s comforting to know if I were to buy it my dollars wouldnt be heading to a faceless corporation. At the top right hand corner of the video on the Pitchi page, it tells you how much the product will cost. ($349 for this tree in case you were interested.

I also love that Pitchi is a platform for young businesses or people with an entrepreneurial dream to sell their products to a mass audience at no cost.

Pitchi is very easy to navigate around the website. I found it was straightforward to save or like videos that I particularly enjoyed or was interested in. You can also easily share things that capture your attention on social media also. For example, this very fun esky. Quite frankly, it’s above my price range for a gift for my nephew or brother-in-law, but I know they would also love having a cooler and cricket wickets in one, so I shared it on my personal Facebook page, easily tagging the guys.

You can buy or sell anything on Pitchi from artwork, fashion, craft, home wares, tech, food or things that are just lots of fun! Jump over and check it out – but let me know if there was a Pitchi you particularly liked. (Gavin made me smile! Find him in the Home section selling his Teddy Bear plates or in the Design category selling pottery. Funny guy – clueless – but funny.)



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