Photography Giveaway!

A photograph can be an instant of life captured for eternity that will never cease looking back at you.
Zara from Zara Jane Photography recently took some family photos for us. I have already shared some of these lovely images of the triplets and our family.

At the moment I’m living in the buzz that happens before you are about to embark on a project. You know that sweet feeling of anticipation before you’ve started the work and before you regret how ambitious you have been? I’ve been collecting black and white frames and in a little while, I’m going to rearrange the pictures on my wall and make an awesome picture wall. I’ve been flicking through some my other favourite photos that Zara took and trying to decide which pictures to include on my wall. Because seriously, her work needs to be framed.

I’ve already chosen a lovely photo of all 7 of us, but I also wanted to include some more candid snaps. Here’s some of my options:

The Five Children

Autumn Chook

Mummy and T-Star

Daddy piggy backs J Boy
Mummy and Daddy

J Boy

The boys

Aren’t they lovely? I love photos which just capture natural moments in time. And Zara has done some funky things with the lighting during some of those moments.

If you were looking at these images and wishing you had some similar images of your own family – today is your lucky day!

Drum roll please – dum, dum, da! It’s my first ever giveaway!

Zara Jane Photography is giving away an hour long photo session and 20 photos on a disc. (Worth $150) How awesome is that? Anyone is free to enter – but the catch is that Zara is based in Toowoomba, so you need to be prepared to come to Toowoomba to claim your prize or pay for her to come to you.  But Toowoombians (and surrounds) – don’t hesitate, enter right now! Imagine the beautiful photos that she could take of your family. (Or with friends, pets, chocolate … whatever!)

Here’s how.
1. Head over to Zara Jane Photography’s facebook page and “like” it.
2. Enter a comment below telling me which photo you think I should hang on my wall AND why would you like a Zara Jane photography session?

The winner will be judged by The Accountant and announced on this blog, Tuesday the 7th of August. I will remove the names while he judges, that way he will be unbiased – so friends and family, you may enter! One entry per person please. Make sure you check if you are the winner, because you will need to give my your contact details if you are.

Say Cheese and Good luck!

*Disclosure: I have not received anything for this promotion. Zara offered to take some photos of the triplets for their first birthday (stay tuned) so I thought it might be nice to promote her wonderful work on my blog to say thank you. The competition just goes to show how nice she is! So if you are looking for a great photographer, make sure you consi

der Zara Jane Photography!

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  1. I think you should hang the ‘Mummy and T-star’ photo, because (a) you look awesome in that colour, and (b) I bet, with five children, you don’t actually appear in many of the photos.

    I would like to win the photography session so I could give it to Givinya… I reckon she’s another person who takes photos but doesn’t appear in any. With the arrival of Baby Rex, a set of family photos would be perfect. 🙂

  2. I think you should make the photo of all your little blessings at the top a huge wall hanging, I love it such a natural happy photo!!

    I would like to have a photo session, because our little family will be growing in December and we have not yet done professional photos, and I love the beautiful naturalness that Zara has captured your family in 🙂

    Kristy Roberts

  3. I think you should hang the photo of the 5 kids nothing better then walking into a room and seeing your babies hanging on the wall smiling , makes everything seem worthwhile. Even after a bad day 🙂

    I would like to win the photo shoot because I have never had professional photos done of my little family :/
    Samantha Harman

  4. There’s 2 photos I think are a must to hang & you really can’t have 1 without the other…. & they are: “Mummy & Daddy” & “The Five Children”

    The reason is that without Mummy & Daddy there would be no children and the photo of the children represents the ‘fruitful blessing’ that is your family.

    Why I would like to be the winner: I’ve looked & liked Zara’s FB page and I love her use of lighting, shadows & the outdoors (would suit our new little family perfectly!)

    Thanks in Advance – Dana

  5. The photo of the two parents is the one that best sums up the depth in your family. The kids are awesome but they are only awesome because of who you two are. This photo captures the love you have for each other and the importance of support you have for each other. This is what makes a family like yours so strong.
    I’m sure that the two of you, along with the support you receive from your family and friends, will leave a strong,lasting and Godly heritage in the lives of your five wonderful children.
    David Wilcox

  6. Oh, and why I’d like to win…
    Because, like you, I have some awesome children but mine are at the other end of the family cycle – heading off into their own independent life experiences. Family photos for us are important reminder of who we are.

  7. I love all of the photo’s, but particularly the one of ‘the boys’. The boys in the wagon is just adorable.
    I would love to have a set of beautiful photos of my precious family. It’s just never makes it to the top of the budget list!

  8. I think every photo is beautifully unique and has captured you as a family. I love them all, I love the children shots and I really love the photo of The Accountant and you 🙂 To me it signifies your love for one another and from that the sense of security your children will grow up with!

  9. Oh and by the way…I would love to win this prize so we could have some gorgeous professional photos to give to our children’s grandparents for Christmas! They would all so love to receive such a gift to adorn their walls and photo albums since they don’t close by!

  10. I love mummy and t-star because it shows how happy you are! I also love ‘J boy’ for the same reason 🙂
    I like to see natural photos full of emotion 🙂 I think I need to get some done of my own family!!

  11. Hi Caitlin,
    I think you should hang the photo of all five kids on your wall simply because they are all in the photo and one isn’t running off elsewhere. But I really love the one of you and t-star. That is a lovely real life shot. Love all the pics really. Hope you have a big enough wall.
    I would love to win a family sitting for my family as we havn’t a current one. (not since Emerson was born and he is 15 months). As you can appreciate as a fellow MOMs, time and budget aren’t always on your side.

  12. My favourite picture is “Mummy & T-star” – just gorgeous & natural!
    Children grow so very fast
    Photos help the memories last
    I’d love to have the photo shoot
    To remember this stage, oh so cute
    Or maybe I’d do like you said
    And pose with chocolate instead!

  13. Oh and why would I like some photos by Zara? Because I am shocking at taking photos and het photos look awesome.

  14. A) I definately think you should put up mummy and daddy. Its an amazing photo with the lighting and shadow and i like that when your heads lean towards each other it looks like a heart. It just really illustrates love!

    B) I would like to win a photoshoot because my hubby and i are about to have a baby and it would be nice to capture this exciting time of our lives!

  15. I think that you should put all of them up, not just because they are beautiful pictures but because they capture this awesome time of life. In years to come, they will be a sweet reminder of the chaotic joyfulness a young family brings and each photo will hold it’s own special memory. When all the kids are grown and the house becomes quiet, you will be able to look at the pictures and remember wistfully how the triplets would eat the leaves and giggle at one another or the funny things that the boys might have said as you stuffed them into a cart. I would like to have the photo session for the same reason… I want to be able to treasure the memories of my young family and capture their smiles, enthusiasm for life and unique personalities.
    Helen Schwarz

  16. I think you should hang the picture of Mummy and T Star. I think this picture perfectly captures the very special bond between a mother and her son. The relationship between a mother and her boys is fun, spontaneous and unbreakable. It is unhindered and without pretense. This picture encapsulates this beautifully. The way T Star is clinging to you, the way it looks like he caught you a little by surprise and the uncontainable joy in that moment is recorded for all time. I love it!

    I would love some of Zara Jane’s photos of my own family. I would love to have the spontaneity, the fun and the unbreakable bonds within family to be captured in a picture to be hung on my wall.

  17. I think you should do a frame with 3 photos in it ie 1. The 5 Children 2. Mum & Dad 3. The Boys, as this will showcase & remind you of His faithfulness & the gift of family.

    Why I’d like to have some photos taken? Well we’ve done quite a bit of family portraits for ppl here & there & I must say they’re beautiful. But I’ve often sighed & wished “if only” someone could do the same for us. My hubby takes great photos of the kids & I but what a pity he’s never in any of them 🙁


  18. I think you should do a frame with 3 photos in it ie 1. The 5 Children 2. Mum & Dad 3. The Boys, as this will showcase & remind you of His faithfulness & the gift of family.

    Why I’d like to have some photos taken? Well we’ve done quite a bit of family portraits for ppl here & there & I must say they’re beautiful. But I’ve often sighed & wished “if only” someone could do the same for us. My hubby takes great photos of the kids & I but what a pity he’s never in any of them 🙁


  19. Waaaa! I was away! Missed it! They are fantastic photos! Even though we all didn’t win I think we need to follow up on the extra special deal – Thanks Zara!

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