Photo A Day – "Your Sky" and "Childhood"

OK. So, I’ve been doing a photo a day for a bit of fun. However, the last two days haven’t felt fun. It’s felt like a chore. And it’s got me to bed late. I don’t get enough sleep as it is. And apart from that, I haven’t had time to take a good photo, so it’s been feeling a bit pointless.

I’ll show you what I mean. Yesterday, the subject was, “Your Sky”. By the time I realised that the daylight was almost gone, I still had a baby in my arms, so I headed out to take a photo of the sunset. Normally we get some spectacular sunsets from our backyard, but not this time. Plus, holding a baby and a heavy camera didn’t go well together. I snapped quickly, without even looking at the result and headed back inside to the unruly mob. This was the best. Honest.

It shows my mood. No time to accentuate the lovely or correct the flaws, such as the lopsided angle from holding camera so I didn’t drop the baby. Focus is on the ugly that I’m discontent with. Kids new trampoline. Love that my kids have fun on it. Hate the thing being in my backyard. Ugly, ugly, ugly. The neighbours roof. Ugly. It wasn’t there when we bought our house. It was a sad day when the scaffolding went up and blocked my view.

Today’s theme was “Childhood”. I quickly snapped a picture tonight, which is even worse. Childhood, means someone is there to pick up after you. Normally your mother. Which is me. This is the table and the floor beneath it after the boys finished eating. It gets worse, and it looks worse than the picture.

So, the photo challenge is a challenge. If it continues to be so, I promise, I won’t subject you to more bad photos.
I’m loving the increased traffic. Hello if you’re new! You’re the reason I’m continuing. (Although maybe not tomorrow – to photograph ‘where I sleep’ would mean making the bed and tidying my bedside table. Not high on my list of priorities at the moment. And it would also show you the lovely picture we bought in England that The Accountant didn’t centre above our bed, so it looks silly.

Oh, and if you’re new. I like to keep ‘it real’, hence the depressed tone today. But don’t mind me. I know all the answers. Yes, life will get easier, it’s just a season, the housework doesn’t matter, I’m still doing a great job, yada, yada, yada. It’s just that sometimes a happy heart is not so happy.

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  1. Caitlyn it’s tough, no getting around it and it won’t be clean for many years to come wait until solids I was mopping the floor 3 times a day, there will always be something to clean or someone to attend to and it truly is hard to have a happy heart all the time and you can feel really ungrateful and then you beat yourself up all over again. I choose to go by each day is a new day, only another triplet mum can understand your woes and I know that sounds conceited to those without triplets but it’s the truth. Twice I’ve tried to discuss my woes with others to have them tell me well my life is just as hard (neither of which have 3 newborn babies), when I asked the local Baby Nurse about a Mothers Group, she told me that I would be too “intimidating” for new mothers, oh thats right because I had had triplets before!!! I felt intimidated aswell. But most other days I’m just a happy mum who loves our 4(3 @ 3 and 1 @ 5) children and we have a great relationship and enjoy one another’s company although we do need the occassional break so you see it’s OK to get down every once and awhile, it only makes us human, it’s hard to not feel jaded when like us you’ve had singletons and you know how easy and what you’re missing out on with regards to individual time. Take care and you will start to come out of the fog at around 17-18 weeks it is just very hard in the beginning especially if you don’t have any help like us ROUTINE ROUTINE ROUTINE xoxoxo PS: I didn’t mean for this to be a depressing post just that I’ve been there and empathise with you, truly most of the time VERY HAPPY xo

  2. I come here because you keep it real! Thanks for your honesty, I think we Mums need it.

    Also, if you have young children and your floors aren’t messy? That’s abnormal. Yeah it’s nice to have clean floors but if it’s a huge priority for us that they stay nice, we end up snapping and grousing at the kids too much. I like your current floors because they match mine 🙂

  3. There’ll be no platitudes from me, Caitlin. I’ll just sit with you for a moment in cyberspace and agree that it sucks. I’ll also agree with Givinya and say that I appreciate your honesty (oh, and if you could have SEEN my floor yesterday morning! My children delight in not only dropping food, but squishing it in with their little feet). But I will leave you with Isaiah 40:31. Not a platitude – but a promise. May there be some happier days ahead 🙂

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